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Cleaning and protecting your white nike trainers.

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5 steps to clean and protect your Nike trainers.
A few steps to clean and protect the brilliant white of your Nike trainers.
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Introduction: keep it white!

The Nike brand offers a wide choice of trainers. One of the brand's iconic colours is white. It's a colour that's present in many models.

In this article, you'll find out how to clean them and keep them as bright as day 1. All the products mentioned in the article can be applied to all types of leather: natural, coated, imitation, etc.

All the products presented mean you don't need to use grandma's recipes based on white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. No need for a toothbrush or magic eraser to remove stubborn stains.
We recommend cleaning at least once a month. You can renovate at the same frequency.
You'll find the products in maintenance kits or individually on our website.

Clean and protect your white sneakers

Step 1: Prepare your nike trainers

Before applying the cleaning products, you need to prepare your pair of trainers. There are a few things you can do to prepare your pair.

Firstly, put red cedar shoe trees in your trainers. Red cedar will absorb unpleasant odours and stretch the leather. Perfectly taut leather means you can get into every nook and cranny when cleaning. This way you can remove all the dust and dirt that has accumulated.

Once the leather is taut, dust the trainers with the Mr Shoe sneaker brush. By removing all the accumulated dust, the leather is ready to receive liquid cleaning products. The result will be more brilliant.

Next, remove the laces completely. Removing the laces gives you full access to the tongue for cleaning. What's more, you can clean the laces completely separately from the white trainers.

To wash the laces, dip them into a bowl filled with sneaker cleaner. Leave them to soak in the mixture for the duration of the cleaning.

Clean and protect your white sneakers

Step 2: Clean the outsoles

Start by cleaning the soles of your trainers. Use Mr Shoe's sneaker sole brush and soak it in cleaning product. You can use liquid cleaner or foam cleaner.

Once the cleaning brush is soaked, start scrubbing the soles vigorously. Go over the areas to be cleaned several times; you can go over every nook and cranny. Once you've reached the desired level of cleanliness, remove the excess cleaner with the microfibre towel.

The cleaning products are rinse-free to make cleaning your trainers easier.

Clean and protect your white sneakers

Step 3: Cleaning white nike trainers

Now let's move on to caring for the leather of your Nike trainers. To do this, you'll need Monsieur Chaussure trainer cleaner and the Monsieur Chaussure universal trainer brush.

Apply the product generously to the universal brush. Use a brush instead of a clean cloth to clean your shoes more effectively. Brush vigorously all over the leather of your white trainers.

You can make several passes over very dirty areas without risk of damaging the leather. We recommend you insist on brushing the front, tongue and eyelets. The hog bristle brush is soft and won't scratch the leather, even after several passes.

If you decide to use the sneaker cleaning gel, you'll need a chamois or soft cloth rather than the sneaker cleaning brush.

Clean and protect your white sneakers

Step 4 (optional): Renovate your white Nike trainers

This step is optional: you don't have to do it every time you wash your sneakers. It's a renovation step to revive the white.

To carry out this renovation, use white sneaker renovator. This renovator is applied directly to clean leather. There should be no residue of dust or dirt for an impeccable result.

The white renovator has a sponge tip to spread the right amount of colourant. The nozzle allows precise application, and you can increase the opacity to suit the desired result.

White Renovator fills in signs of wear and light scratches on leather. The dye remains on the surface of the leather and therefore needs to be renewed regularly. You can therefore apply it every time you care for your shoes to keep them sparkling white.

Clean and protect your white sneakers

Step 5: Protect your white trainers

Once you've finished cleaning, it's essential to waterproof your sneakers. To do this, we recommend that you apply a uniform coat of waterproofing. Waterproofing protects them from rain and bad weather.

It also leaves a protective film against dirt and dust. These remain on the surface of the leather and do not penetrate. This makes future maintenance easier and quicker.

Monsieur Chaussure waterproofing product is colourless and leaves no marks on the leather.

Our tip: on a rainy day, apply an extra coat of waterproofing. This will reinforce its action and protect your shoes from the elements.

By regularly following the 4 steps in this article, your trainers will last for many years in excellent condition.

Clean and protect your white sneakers

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