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Why shouldn't you use shoe polish on your leather jacket?

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Why is shoe polish not recommended for leather jackets?

You shouldn't use shoe polish on leather jackets. Shoes and leather jackets are different. There are several reasons for this. These reasons also apply to leather jackets, motorbike jackets or any other leather garment.

One of the main differences is the type of leather used between shoes and leather jackets. Shoes are made from robust leather, while jackets are made from soft, fine leather. And so the finishes are different and the properties of the leathers are different.

Shoe polish, which is well suited to shoes, is absolutely unsuitable for leather jackets. It transfers colour to the skin and makes the leather jacket sticky.

What's more, shoe polish can have negative effects on leather jackets, including changing the texture of the jacket. Shoe polish can make leather sticky. The pores will become blocked and the leather will mark or crack more easily.

Clean and protect your leather jacket

But why should you look after your leather jacket at all?

Smooth leather jackets are subject to a lot of wear and tear, so it's important to look after them regularly. It's essential to preserve its quality and style over time. Over the years, wear marks such as creases and discolouration can appear.

Many people advise using shoe polish, but this is not the best solution.
That's why we offer an alternative based on natural active ingredients to keep your jacket in perfect condition, without using shoe polish.

All the products mentioned in the article are available in our boutique or online on our website. They are made in France.

Clean and protect your leather jacket

Our alternative: Renovating milks

Bōme Renovating Milks are repigmenting milks for leather goods. This product is suitable for all types of fine, delicate or thick leather. Unlike sapphire canadian. Renovating milk is therefore the ideal product for reviving the colour of your jackets.

They deposit a fine layer of pigments to even out the colour of your leather jacket. They recolour bleached areas and soften marks caused by frequent wear.

Our renovating milks can be mixed to create made-to-measure shades.
They are applied to cleaned leather. For this, we recommend choosing Bōme cleansing gel. It is solvent-free, so it will clean without altering the texture of your leather jacket.

To avoid transfer to the skin or your clothes, excess renovation milk should be removed with the nourishing gel. The nourishing gel will fix the pigments, remove the excess and nourish the leather. To protect the renovation, we recommend spraying the protective spray all over the jacket.

After applying the renovation milk, your leather jacket will regain its original shine. It is shinier even without using shoe polish.

Clean and protect your leather jacket

Looking after your leather jacket

To look after your jacket, there are a few tips to follow:
1. Use a gel cleaner rather than more aggressive cleaning products such as cleansing milks, which can change the colour of the leather.
To keep your jacket clean, clean your leather jacket at least once a month if you wear it often.

2. Use a renovation milk to revive the colour rather than delicate shoe creams.

3. Apply the products using circular movements with a soft cloth to distribute the products more evenly.

4. Leave your leather jacket to air dry after care.

Clean and protect your leather jacket

Our tips for making the shine last

To maintain the shine of your leather jacket, we recommend that you follow a few simple steps:

1. Dust regularly with the scraper between cleaning sessions.

2. Always apply protective spray at the end of care to protect your leather jacket from the elements. You can reapply spray in two maintenance sessions.

3. Maintain waterproofing by spraying on protective spray before rainy days.

4. Apply Renovating Milk regularly to maintain the original colour and shine.

By following these tips, you can easily double the life of your leather. You'll also slow down the appearance of wear marks and reduce their appearance over time. Your leather jacket will stay as shiny and supple as the day it was worn.

Clean and protect your leather jacket

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