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Cleaning and Protecting your black leather sofa

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5 steps for a complete cleaning of your black leather sofa.
Discover all our tips for cleaning your black leather sofa.
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Black leather sofa care guide

A must-have of must-haves, the black leather sofa is the most classic model to add elegance to a living room. The black leather sofa is the centrepiece that catches the eye as soon as you enter.

That's why it needs regular care to keep it looking its best for years to come. All our care tips apply to leather and imitation leather sofas.

They can also be used on black leather armchairs.

The products on offer are based on natural active ingredients to avoid damaging the leather. They are professional solutions. With the products mentioned, you can avoid using detergents, cleansing milk, baby milk or any other abrasive products.

The products mentioned in the article are available on our website.

Clean black leather sofa

How do I clean my black leather sofa?

1. Start by dusting your leather sofa with the Bōme cleaning brush. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the structure. However, you should remove all cushions and only vacuum the non-leather parts to avoid damaging the material.

2. For regular maintenance, clean your leather sofa with a cleaning gel and chamois. For a deep clean, use the Bōme cleaning brush with the cleaning foam. In both cases, rub vigorously in a circular motion to clean the entire surface. In this way, you'll clean even the most inconspicuous areas.

These products can be used instead of Marseille soap, washing-up liquid or detergent milk to clean your sofa.

3. Squeeze out any excess product with the microfibre cloth or a clean cloth. There is no need to rinse your leather sofa with clean water, even if it is very dirty.

4. Leave to dry in the open air, away from a source of heat.

5. Finally, apply the Protective Gel to protect the leather from external damage. It will be protected from dirt, dust and liquids. This protection makes maintenance easier by preventing stains and other dirt from becoming embedded in the leather.

Clean black leather sofa

My black leather sofa is very dirty - what should I do?

Here's all the advice you need on how to clean a very dirty leather sofa.

If this is the first time you've cleaned your leather sofa, we recommend you use the Cleaning and Descaling Foam. The cleaning foam is designed to unblock the pores of the leather.

It is solvent-free. So it can be used without affecting the look or feel of your leather sofa.

If stains are very stubborn and persist despite cleaning, you will need to use a stain remover specifically designed for leather sofas. Test on an inconspicuous area before applying to the embedded stain.

Clean black leather sofa

Mistakes to avoid when cleaning your sofa

We advise against using solvent-, silicone- and oil-based products. These types of products have a composition that can damage leather. They can either dry out the leather and therefore create cracks or scratches more quickly. Oil-based products can make your sofa look sticky and change its feel permanently.

We advise against using brushes with solid bristles as they can scratch the leather of your sofa. Over time, scratches can become larger and larger cracks.

Clean black leather sofa

Tips for keeping your sofa clean

your sofa
To keep your leather sofa clean, you need to understand that leather is a delicate material. It needs special attention on a regular basis.

We recommend that you clean your black leather sofa at least once a month. Between cleanings, you can use a brush to remove dust.

To maintain a harmonious colour and original shine, we recommend using a renovation milk several times a year. Black Renovation Milk is a nourishing, pigmented milk.
On a recent grease stain, you can apply a little Terre de Sommières to the stain. You'll then need to carry out a full maintenance treatment.

Its role is to re-colour the leather, to even out the colour and to nourish the leather.

Clean black leather sofa

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