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Cleaning and protecting converses

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Marks on your converses? Our solutions!
3 steps to clean your coloured or white Converses using the Monsieur Chaussure method.
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Introduction to cleaning converse shoes

White converse can be worn with all your smart and casual outfits. The elegance of your feet starts with immaculately clean white Converse. But keeping them sparkling white is a daily challenge.

In this article, we share all our secrets for effectively cleaning your white Converse shoes.

You'll be able to keep them looking their best for longer and even double the life of your trainers.
We recommend cleaning and protecting your Converse once a month. This frequency will prevent stains from soaking into the leather or fabric. It also makes maintenance easier.

Our trainers are made in France. They are formulated without solvents and with a coconut oil base to respect the materials used on Converse. Our products guarantee gentle, effective cleaning without the risk of damaging your Converse.

It is therefore not advisable to use bleach or bicarbonate of soda on a damp cloth. These techniques use very strong detergents that can damage the white of your trainers.

clean your white Converses

Why shouldn't you machine wash your Converses?

We strongly advise against using a washing machine to clean your white Converse shoes for several reasons. Firstly, standard washing machines do not have programmes designed to clean trainers. Using an inappropriate programme increases the risk of damaging your shoes.

The detergents you find in supermarkets have abrasive formulas. Combined with inappropriate programmes, they can cause irreversible damage to your trainers.

For example, hot water and detergent can dissolve the soles. This combination can also fade the colours of the soles on the fabric. It can also cause stains.

That's why we recommend hand cleaning for best results. This method allows you to use the right products and control the intensity of the cleaning to avoid irreversible damage.

clean your white Converses

Step 1: Prepare and dust your white converse

Before you start cleaning your white Converse, you need to do a few things.

Prepare your work surface by gathering the Mr Shoe sneaker products together and protecting the work surface so that it does not get dirty.

Place shoe trees in your Converse shoes. Red cedar shoe trees will stretch the leather or fabric. This allows you to reach all areas when cleaning, making it easier to clean. They will also absorb moisture from inside your trainers.

The last step is to remove the laces from your converse. They should be cleaned separately from the trainers.

Soak them in a mixture of sneaker cleaner and water while you clean them.

When you are finished, dry them with the sneaker microfibre cloth and put them back on your trainers.

If they are too worn, we advise you to replace them at the end of the cleaning process for a better finish.

clean your white Converses

Step 2: Cleaning white converse

The cleaning products listed in this section are compatible with both leather and canvas converse. The formulas are designed to prevent the leather and soles of your trainers from yellowing. As a result, your trainers will be as white as the day you wore them, and they'll stay that way over time.

Liquid Trainers Cleaner can be diluted with water or used straight, depending on how dirty your trainers are. You don't need to use hot water to make the mixture. We do not recommend substituting a mild soap. Mild soap can contain solvents and therefore damage the materials of the converse.

Unlike foam cleaner, it is a foam that delivers the right amount of product to each pump.

Start by cleaning the soles. You'll need a polypropylene horsehair sole brush. This brush has stiffer bristles to get into the nooks and crannies of the sole. The colours of the sole will reappear under the action of the cleaner.
Next, use the same cleaner and the universal sneaker brush to clean the top of the trainer. Rub vigorously over the areas to be cleaned. The brushing action will remove all the dirt and you'll see the foam turn grey.

When the foam turns grey, it means that the dirt has been captured. Your white converses will return to their original colour.

You can go over the same area several times without risk of scratching. The pig bristles are soft and supple to clean gently without damaging.

The cleaning products are rinse-off. Simply wipe your trainers with the towel to remove any excess product.

If your Converse trainers are made of fabric, leave them to air dry for several hours or even overnight.

clean your white Converses

Step 3: Protect your white Converse

This is the final step in caring for your Converse. It will protect your shoes and keep them clean for longer.

Spray Monsieur Chaussure Waterproofing Spray all over the shoe, 30 cm from the Converse. The impregnation is colourless, so it will keep your shoes shiny. Dry your shoes in the open air to allow the waterproofing to penetrate.

The Monsieur Chaussure waterproofing product is based on a vegetable resin that does not alter your shoes and dissolves gradually. That's why we recommend that you reapply it between polishes if you wear your shoes on rainy days.

The protective film is colourless and therefore completely invisible on the shoe. It does not alter the shine of your shoes, on the contrary, it enhances it.

clean your white Converses

Conclusion: tips for doubling the lifespan

There's more to keeping your white Converse shoes looking their best over time than just cleaning them properly. You need to invest some time and follow the right steps for regular care. By following these tips you'll prolong the life of your white Converse.

They'll also look and feel better with every step you take.

Here are our top tips for prolonging the life of your favourite trainers:

1. Regular care: This is the key to prolonging the life of your Converse. It will prevent premature ageing and keep your shoes looking like new.

2. Use shoe trees: They keep your shoes in shape and absorb moisture. They also help prevent unattractive creasing and eliminate odours.

3. Use a combination of insoles and deodorant spray: Use arch supports for greater comfort and hygiene. They absorb moisture and improve support. And don't forget to use deodorant sprays for better hygiene. Deodorising sprays are also a great way to keep your shoes smelling fresh.

clean your white Converses

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