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Cleaning and protecting your leather jacket.

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Your leather jacket needs regular care to double its lifespan.
Discover all our tips for cleaning and protecting your leather jacket.
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Introduction to jacket cleaning

Your ally on the road or in the streets, the leather jacket is a must-have. Regular care of your jacket will protect it and double its lifespan.

In this article, you'll discover all the tips and products you need to clean your leather jacket. Find out how to replace your cleansing milk to clean your leather motorbike jacket. The advice also applies to leather jackets.

All the specific products mentioned in the article are available on our site. Our products are also available in a specialised maintenance kit for motorbike leather.

Clean your leather jacket

How often should I clean my leather jacket?

To keep your leather jacket supple and clean, we recommend a thorough cleaning once a month. The frequency can be increased if you alternate between several jackets.

At this frequency, dirt won't be able to get into the pores of the leather. In this way, you avoid long-term damage to your leather jacket and the need for leather renovation.
Between maintenance sessions, you can brush the jacket to remove dust and surface dirt. You can also waterproof it on rainy days with Bōme protective spray.

You can also waterproof it on rainy days with Bōme protective spray.

Clean your leather jacket

Step 1: Prepare the motorbike jacket

Sit down on a work surface. You can protect it to avoid staining if you use colouring products such as milk renovators. Once your work surface is ready, remove all your belongings from your pockets to make cleaning easier.

Next, take the Bōme scraper and brush your leather jacket. Concentrate on areas such as the collar and zips. Dust tends to get trapped in these areas.

The bristles of the boar bristle scraper are flexible. This makes it easy to get into nooks and crannies. What's more, it won't scratch the leather, so you can rub vigorously without any risk.

Once you've removed all the surface dirt from your leather jacket, you can move on to cleaning.

Clean your leather jacket

Step 2: Clean the leather motorbike jacket

The products used are solvent-free and based on natural active ingredients to respect leather. We suggest and recommend hand washing for best results.

Here are the 4 steps to follow for a deep and long-lasting cleaning of your leather jacket:

1. Apply a small amount of Bōme cleaning gel using the chamois or a soft cloth.

2. Spread the cleaning product in circles to quickly and evenly clean the entire area. Repeat the operation until you have cleaned the entire leather jacket and obtained an almost white chamois. Several passes may be necessary depending on the level of dirt.

3. If your jacket is discoloured in places, apply renovation milk with a chamois. A thin coat of milk is sufficient as the product is highly pigmented.

4. Apply Bōme nourishing gel to nourish the leather and keep it supple. It can also be applied with a chamois. A dab is enough to cover a large area.

If you have applied renovation milk, the nourishing gel will remove the excess. By removing the excess, there will be no colour transfer to your skin or other clothes.

The products are leave-on and there is no drying time between each step.

Clean your leather jacket

Step 3: Protect your motorbike jacket

Once you've cleaned and nourished your leather jacket, you need to protect it. Leather is a material that needs to be protected from the rain and the elements.

Spray a generous amount of protective spray all over your leather jacket. Spread the product with a clean chamois. Spreading the product will create an even protective film.
Rain and humidity can stain your leather jacket and leave rings on the leather. The Bōme protective spray protects your jacket from the rain.

The spray is colourless, so it is suitable for all colours and does not aerate the colour. It leaves a protective film all over the jacket. The protective film does not change the feel of the leather, nor does it make it sticky or tacky. Rain runs off the leather and does not soak into it.

Clean your leather jacket

Our tips for extending the life of your leather jacket

To double the life of your leather jacket, here are a few simple steps to take.

After wearing it, let it air dry on a hanger before putting it away in your cupboard. There's no need to use hot air, which can dry out the leather. If you leave it to dry at room temperature for a few minutes, you'll avoid the appearance of mould.

Don't store your jacket in a ball in a cupboard. This could cause unsightly wear marks and ultimately irreversible damage to the leather. On a hanger, your jacket retains its shape and reduces the risk of marks.

If you're on the move and want to wash your leather jacket, don't use a washing machine. They are not suitable for cleaning this type of material. Solvent-based detergents will alter the feel and appearance of your jacket.

Instead, use suitable solvent-free products to maintain the softness of the leather. Soft, well-maintained leather marks less and therefore lasts much longer.

Do not use a tumble dryer. This is too intense a source of heat and will dry out the leather in depth, creating cracks.

Clean your leather jacket

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