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Cleaning and protecting your leather belt.

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Restore the colour of your belt in 4 steps.
Discover all our tips for cleaning and protecting your belt from the marks of time.
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Belts are fashion accessories that we use all the time but forget to look after. Caring for a leather belt may seem superficial, but it is important to preserve its aesthetic appearance.

As well as preserving its aesthetic qualities, it also helps to delay the appearance of the signs of time, such as scuffs and scratches. In this article you'll find advice on how to clean and restore your belt.

All the products and accessories mentioned in the article are available online. You'll find all the products in a cleaning kit. The products can be used on real leather, artificial leather or vegetable leather.

Cleaning frequency: once every 3 months, for regular maintenance.

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Before cleaning, preparation

This is the time to protect your work surface and your clothes. We recommend that you stand on a flat surface protected by a tablecloth. It's important to protect your worktop because the renovation milk can damage it.

Once your worktop is in place, place the belt over it and start dusting. Using the leather scraper, rub the entire belt to remove the dust.

Rub for a few minutes to remove dust and dirt particles.

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Step 1 : Cleaning a leather belt

We're going to show you how to care for a leather belt without using soapy water or a damp cloth. All the products we've mentioned are made from natural active ingredients and contain no solvents, so they won't attack or damage the leather. Cleaning leather regularly prevents stains from becoming embedded and permanently marking the leather.

Use a clean, soft cloth to remove a dab of Bōme leather goods cleaning gel. We recommend using a chamois cloth. Gently rub the belt to remove any accumulated dirt. The gel will dissolve the dirt, which will be captured by the clean cloth.

The colourless gel will darken the leather as it passes through. This is a normal reaction. Once dry, the leather will return to its original colour.

You can repeat the operation as often as necessary.

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Step 2 : Renovating leather belts

Renovation can be carried out on clean, dry leather. Products applied to bare leather will adhere better. This will give a better result and last longer.

Put a dab of Bōme Renovating Milk on a clean chamois. Then apply to the leather in a circular motion. A small amount of product will cover a large area. You can apply several coats, but we advise you to work in gradually as the product is highly pigmented.

If the Renovating Milk remains on the surface, the leather is saturated. You should therefore stop applying the product.

The Renovating Milk will repigment the leather and harmonise the colour. Scratches and dents will be reduced and your belt will regain its original lustre.

You can leave it on for a day before proceeding to the next step. The next day you can remove any excess product by rubbing with a clean polishing cloth.

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Step 3 : Caring for the leather of your belt

After colour restoration, this is the crucial step not to be neglected. It's the most important because it keeps the leather supple. The nourishing gel used is the equivalent of a moisturiser in a skin care routine. Smooth leather prevents the premature appearance of cracks and tears.

The conditioner is colourless, so it won't change the colour of the restoration. It contains no waxes or solvents, so it will not damage the leather.
Using a clean chamois, take a small amount of product directly from the jar. Massage the leather to distribute the product evenly. When applying the cleansing gel, you may find that there is an excess of Renovation Milk on the belt.

This is a normal reaction. When the product is no longer absorbed by the leather, it has reached saturation point. Remove the excess with a clean chamois or soft cloth.

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Step 4 : Protect the leather of the belt

To finish off and extend your care, spray a few pumps of spray renovator onto the waistband, 30 cm from the waistband. Using a clean chamois, smooth the product to distribute it evenly.

Smoothing the product will create a colourless film all over the leather. This film protects against dirt and makes future maintenance easier. It keeps the belt looking shiny for longer.

You can reapply the Renovator Spray between maintenance intervals.

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In order to prolong the results of the maintenance, we recommend that you take the following steps quickly:

- Store your belt flat or hanging by the buckle in a dry place. This will prevent creases from forming or becoming more pronounced.
- Store away from heat sources to prevent the leather from drying out.
- Also store out of direct sunlight to avoid discolouration.

By following these steps you can ensure that your leather belts stay in good condition and retain their beauty for a long time.

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