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Cleaning and protecting your faux-leather items.

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Robust and durable, imitation leather needs the right care routine.
Double the lifespan of your imitation leather items with our advice tailored to each surface!
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Faux leather belongs to the family of synthetic or artificial leathers. It is a popular alternative in the fashion, automotive and furniture industries.

Although it is easy to maintain, it requires special care to maintain its appearance and durability. We recommend monthly maintenance to double its life.

We offer a carrier-based alternative to traditional recipes. There is no need for recipes based on soapy water (with Marseille soap) or cleansing milk or, worse still, white vinegar. You don't need a clay stone or soda crystals.

Use the products without adding other substances (do not add drops of white vinegar). This could irreversibly damage the synthetic leather.

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Cleaning faux-leather shoes

All products should be applied in a circular motion. We recommend using a cloth if you are a beginner. There are 4 steps to maintenance: dusting, cleaning, conditioning and polishing.

Before cleaning, it is essential to remove all dust. Then clean with a cleansing milk on a soft cloth such as a chamois. Using the same cloth, apply a cream polish to the entire shaft to nourish and revive the colour. Finish with a wax paste to protect against the elements and stubborn stains.

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Cleaning faux-leather bags and leather goods

The products used here are solvent-free so as not to alter the texture of the leather. You'll find natural active ingredients rather than formulas containing oleo-calcaire liniments. The products are colourless and can be used on all colours of leatherette.
We advise you not to use water or a damp cloth. Moisture can have the opposite effect and leave stains.

Use a scraper to remove dust and surface dirt. Using a clean chamois, apply Bōme Leather Care Gel. It will dissolve the stains and darken the leather. This is a normal reaction.

You can then apply a renovation milk to enhance the colour. This is optional. In all cases, continue with Bōme Leather Care Gel. The conditioner will fix the colour of the renovation and keep the leather soft.

Bōme Protective Spray for Leather Goods is the last product used to waterproof the imitation leather. It can be sprayed between treatments to increase the protection.

Clean your handbags

Cleaning leather sofas

Start by dusting the leatherette with a dry cloth or preferably a soft bristle brush. Then clean with a cleaning foam or gel, depending on the degree of soiling. You can clean as often as you like without risking damage to your leather sofa.

Finish with a protective gel to protect the leather from external aggressions (juice stains, chocolate stains, etc.).

It is possible to restore the colour, see the lesson to find out how.

Clean your faux leather sofa

Cleaning artificial leather car upholstery

Imitation leather upholstery is more susceptible to dirt and dust and can easily become stained. After dusting with a brush, pay particular attention to the seams and nooks and crannies.

Depending on the degree of soiling, we recommend using either a foam cleaner (for deep cleaning) or a gel cleaner (for regular maintenance). After cleaning, if necessary, you can restore the colour of your armchairs with renovating milks. If this isn't necessary, go straight to the protection section.

Although car upholstery is not exposed to the elements, such as rain or mud, it still needs protection. Apply a thin layer of Protective Gel to the entire upholstery. We recommend a protective gel rather than a protective lotion. Lotion can be greasier and leave a sticky effect on leather seats.

Clean your upholstery car

What mistakes should I avoid when caring for faux leather?

To prolong the life of your leatherette, it is not enough to just take care of it. We recommend that you add a few simple steps to your care routine:

- Don't scratch: Remove stubborn stains with your fingernails or sharp objects that can scratch.

- Don't use chemicals: Harsh chemicals such as alcohol or bleach can damage synthetic leather.

- Keep out of the sun: Prolonged exposure to the sun can dull and discolour vinyl. Keep your vinyl furniture and belongings away from sunny windows.

- Do not machine wash: Faux leather garments should not be machine washed. Prefer gentle manual cleaning and use leather-friendly products.

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