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Becoming the perfect gentleman this summer

All our advice to perfect your gentleman's look this summer.
In this article we will share with you all our tips for adopting the codes of the perfect gentleman this summer, going from suits to socks.
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L'elegance by Monsieur Chaussure

The most important element in a gentleman’s wardrobe is definitely his suit, as it is the most valuable piece. Whether it is raining or snowing, a real gentleman always has a suit. Whether it is tailor made or simply purchased in a store, the most important thing is to choose the best shapes and materials. The ultimate rule when choosing your suit is to always check for something depending on your morphology. Slightly fitted, it has to follow the curvature of your waist and back. To avoid having an oversized suit jacket, make sure to have the shoulders stitching exactly underneath them. Another significant detail is to let the sleeves of your shirt slightly be seen under the suit jacket.

In summer, try to choose colours for your suits such as white, beige, cream, light blue, while wearing a colourful shirt. You can also wear the timeless navy blue suit with a white shirt. If you have a matt skin, you can definitely wear flashy colours. Patterns can also be very flattering, since it is one of this year’s trends.

In case of excessive heat, or a beach day, Bermuda shorts can be an interesting alternative if in linen, or cotton such as chinos.

Let's start with the shoes...

Monsieur Chaussure couldn’t skip the shoes part. Being a specialist, we recommend wearing high quality footwear with a Blake stitch or a Goodyear welt for the longest lifespan of the shoes. For the shoes types, everything depends on the occasion and the use. Derbies, Oxfords, Whole cuts, Monk shoes … all are elegant. We highly recommend the De Lauré ones, newcomers in the made in France men’s luxury shoes. You can also create and design your own patina with these.

Loafers being the most casual ones, they will be perfect of a walk on a port of the French Riviera this summer. Boat shoes are also another interesting alternative if you want to visit Brittany for instance.

For more advice on what shoes you should wear this summer, refer to our article In the summer suitcase of a gentleman.

How to polish leather shoes

Accessories, the extra touch...

To accessorise your look, there is nothing better than a watch. It’s a must-have accessory that a man needs on his wrist. Whether in leather, steel, silver, or gold, a watch always brings elegance to your outfits. Be careful though not to choose an oversized one, especially if you have small wrists as that could be ostentatious.

Choose a sober coloured watch that could suit any type of outfit.

Let's not forget the bag...

For bags, choose a briefcase for an everyday look, and a weekend bag if you want to spend a few days away in the beach or the countryside.

Being very handy, it will give a fashionable touch to your outfit.

How to clean a leather bag

The last detail: the socks

Enfin on vous livre notre dernier secret (c’est bien parce que c’est vous), la chaussette est la touche finale, selon nous, pour donner du style, de la classe et de l’élégance à sa tenue. Colorée ou sobre, c’est le détail qui fait toute la différence. On privilégiera les mi-bas qui restent accrochés en dessous du genou, pour éviter de voir votre mollet et votre pilosité à chaque fois que vous vous assiérez. Côté matière, le fil d’Ecosse correspond à tous types de saisons et de température, il absorbe l’humidité. On peut aussi opter pour du lin en été qui a un côté rafraichissant.

Côté couleur, matchez-les avec votre costume : des chaussettes rouges ou roses poudré avec un costume bleu marine, des chaussettes bleus pétrole ou bordeaux avec un costume gris. Eclatez-vous !

Socks for men

Elegance in a few words

A gentleman’s elegance always comes from the little details that we don’t usually pay attention to, such as an Arabic scarf, a handkerchief, coloured shoelaces, a belt, and so on. Anyway, just think about it!

Now, you can enjoy summer’s heat with elegance.

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