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Selection of gift ideas for Valentine's Day

Discover our selection of gift ideas for Valentine's Day!
Valentine's Day is back. Among our selection, you'll find gift ideas for your partner's Valentine's Day: original, personalised gifts, etc. Something to please every time!
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The Valentine's Day gift: a ritual that has gradually become established

14 February is the day to declare your love to your loved one. It's a tradition that has taken root over the years. Numerous rituals have appeared in the different regions of France: the saucé in Lorraine, the fête des brandons, and many others.

Every Valentine's Day, sweet words are accompanied by small gifts such as chocolates or bouquets of flowers made up of red roses. Small gifts have become bigger.

Today, the gift has become a Valentine's Day ritual in its own right.

But finding a gift for your partner is not always an easy task.
For those lacking inspiration, here are a few ideas for finding the perfect gift. We offer a selection of Valentine's Day gift ideas for men and women.

With our selection, you can give an original and unusual gift. You'll find all kinds of gifts to suit your partner's style.

Discover our gift ideas

The original gift: the leather goods maintenance kit

She hasn't been without her new handbag for a while now. Whether she's at work, out with friends or on a date, it's always there! It adapts to every situation and every outfit.

A wine stain would be an absolute tragedy!

That's impossible with the leather goods kit. It's ideal for protecting your favourite bag from stains, even wine stains. What's more, it protects against the marks of time.

It's the ideal gift for fans of leather goods. This Valentine's Day gift is a change from traditional ideas.

Discover our bag care kit

The unusual gift: the sneaker care kit

More original than key rings, this sneaker gift box is the most unusual gift in our selection.

His or her favourite sneakers are starting to cry "recycle me"... Before he or she buys a new pair, give them the sneaker care kit! A gift designed for sentimental people who don't want to part with their shoes. It contains everything you need to give your trainers a second life.

Surprise your Valentine with an original and useful gift.

Discover our sneaker care kit

The classic gift for shoe lovers: the care kit

In the car, on a bike, in the underground, on foot: your shoes or boots are with you every step of the way. And because your partner's pair wears out quickly. Dull, marked or wrinkled, it's time to take action!

Turn to Monsieur Chaussure's leather and suede care kits, the star gift for every occasion. What's more, they're the benchmark in leather care. Giving one of these gift sets is more than just a present; it's a declaration of commitment to the quality, elegance and maintenance of precious footwear.

The perfect gift to help take care of your belongings effortlessly. Monsieur Chaussure's leather and suede care kit embodies the harmony between traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation. Each carefully selected component of this kit is designed to protect, nourish and revive the natural splendour of leather and suede.

It's more than just a thoughtful gesture. It's a way of expressing your concern for the longevity of objects that matter. As well as being a committed gift, the kit is also extremely useful. It gives the recipient the opportunity to take expert care of their possessions with disconcerting ease.

To make the experience even more rewarding, each kit comes with a detailed tutorial. The associated tutorial guides your partner step by step through the art of leather care. Whether for elegant shoes or everyday wear, the tutorial provides practical advice and clear instructions to ensure that the care process goes smoothly.

When you give this gift, you're giving more than just a product. You're sharing a passion for excellence and the preservation of timeless style. Opting for Monsieur Chaussure's leather and suede care kit means choosing a gift that transcends the ephemeral to become a lasting mark of attention and care.

The perfect trio to please your partner and the planet.

Discover our care kit for shoes

The perfect Valentine's Day gift for men : The essential leather belt

Instead of giving bottles of wine, you can go for the Indispensable leather belt to complete an outfit. It's a beautiful and useful gift. Your partner will have no choice but to think of you every morning!

Monsieur Chaussure's models are ideal as gifts. They are suitable for all body shapes and clothing styles. You'll find a wide choice of colours: from garnet to gold, not forgetting black, brown and navy blue.

Our belts are made in France using traditional craftsmanship. They are made from full-grain leather to add a touch of elegance to every outfit.

Discover our belts collection

Personalised gifts: our must-have Monsieur Chaussure socks

Personalised gifts, and in particular our must-have Monsieur Chaussure socks, are an often underestimated option. And yet it makes a lot of sense. Socks are much more than a simple clothing accessory.

They have a practical dimension that makes them ideal as gifts. They're meant to accompany your partner every day, every step of the way bearing the mark of your attention and affection.

In our collection, we've carefully selected a range of colours, from classic black and chic navy to more vibrant shades such as orange and pink. This diversity means you can choose socks that perfectly match your loved one's style and personality.

Giving Mr Shoe socks is more than just satisfying a practical need. It's about creating a tangible bond between you and your partner, symbolising the attention you pay to the details of their daily life. Imagine him putting on those carefully chosen socks every morning, thinking of you with a smile before he goes about his business.

In this way, those socks become a constant reminder of your presence and love, making each day a little more special. It's a subtle but meaningful way to strengthen the bond between you, making this practical gift a gesture of romance. Let yourself be tempted by the idea of giving socks to keep your feet warm and stylish every day, while reinforcing your love.

And to make sure he never runs out of socks, we'll give you the 7th pair! So you can give your partner a whole week's worth of socks.

Discover our belts collection

Whether you are original or classic, you will be a hit

And that's it, that's the small selection made by our team for this 2023 edition of Valentine's Day.

One last tip: surprise your partner with an original gift!

Share with our team the reaction of your partner on Instagram! Just mention @MonsieurChaussure.

Discover our gift ideas

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