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All about vegan leather

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Vegan leather, what is it?
Before taboo, today trendy, we decipher this new material that invades the world of shoes and sneakers. Real innovation, the vegetable leather or the eco leather or the vegan leather is more and more present in the world of the shoe and the sneakers.
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From an abuse of language to a reality

Before, used as an abuse of language, today presented as an innovation and a solution for the future, vegetable leather has always been talked about. Our team has looked into the subject and gives you its unfiltered deciphering to understand everything about this phenomenon.

What was once fiction is now a reality, vegetable leather is present in the world of clothing. Yes, it is used to make sandals, shoes, sneakers, and even bags!

Let's start at the beginning, we will explain the concept of vegetable leather.

What is real vegan leather?

It is a large family in which we find vegan leather and eco-leather.

In all cases, vegetable leather is a material created from synthetic fibers or plant origin. The result is leather that looks like animal leather. This is what we call vegetable leather.

Unlike traditional leather, the production of these new leathers is responsible, better for the environment, for humans, and sustainable.

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New leathers in the leather industry

Often resulting from a problem and with the idea of recycling lost raw materials, the new vegetable leathers take different forms. In this section, you will discover innovations from all over the world.

Eco leather, the synthetic vegan leather from Richard Wool

The eco-leather invented by the American professor and engineer Richard Wool is a very promising invention. Little is known about the process of its manufacture, which is kept secret. As secret as the formula of Pepsi or Coke.

Thanks to our research, we have discovered that it is made from the combination of 3 natural materials:
Cotton or linen
Corn or soya
The last and most surprising material is vegetable oil.

Let's take a look at the properties of this eco-leather. Two things have leaked to the press: it would be water resistant and air permeable. Two assets in the world of sneakers and sneakers.

A nice promise, at least on paper. Still not marketed since its discovery despite the strong interest of some major brands in the world of sneakers: Nike, Puma or Adidas, to name only the best known. The brands would have asked for samples to test them in their workshops: can we expect new models in eco-leather in the coming years?

Fruit and plant-based leathers

There are many leathers created from vegetable fibers:
- Teakleaf made from tea,
- Desserto made from dried cactus,
- Appleskin made from apples,
- Muskin for mushroom leather and many others.

We have decided to focus on the most common pinatex and eucalyptus leather.

The Pinatex of Carmen Hijosa

Invented by Carmen Hijosa, it represents one of the ecological alternatives to animal leather. This leather is made from pineapple leaves. This new vegetable leather is better for the environment, the human being and is sustainable by creating a whole circular economy.

Don't be fooled! Its appearance may not resemble leather but to the touch, it feels the same. Like traditional leather, pinatex is strong, light, and malleable. It has the same characteristics as its fellow animal leather. It has also seduced great houses: Lancel, Hugo Boss, and Nike.

To know it is simple, you just have to trust the label Pinatex by Ananas Anam which is the reference.

Eucalyptus leather

Fabian Stadler, a German entrepreneur, is looking into the properties of eucalyptus leaves in 2014. His idea to create a new leather that he can use in his business. It should be very durable and with a low ecological footprint.

As with pinatex, this leather is meant to be better for the planet. It is grown in Germany in sustainably managed forests. It can also be purchased from foresters who do not use pesticides or GMOs.

We find this leather in leather goods for belts and soon for bags.

How to recognize vegan leather?

There is only one way to identify a vegetable leather without any doubt: the label.

There are several labels in the field, some more reliable than others. The best known is "Vegan Society" and also the oldest. It is a reference and therefore it is the one we advise you to consult.

Our team did not dig more the various labels, if you wish we can devote an article dedicated to it. Tell us on the SAV or on social networks.

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