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Cleaning and protecting your Timberland shoes

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Timberland shoes are known to be tough but also need attention.
Nevertheless, a few simple gestures can keep them clean and in good condition for as long as possible.
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Introduction on how to clean Timberland

A lot of advice on the internet suggests using soft cloths or a toothbrush and water to clean your shoes. However, this is not recommended. They are not designed for leather and can scratch or leave indelible marks.

Depending on the material of the Timberland shoes, you will discover which routine to adopt and why. All the routines presented should be performed on Timberland shoes under shoe trees to smooth out walking creases.

For Timberland Nubuck styles

Let's start with the brand's classic nubuck boots. This is a type of leather made by sanding the grain of the leather. The imperfections of the hide cannot be hidden.

It is not a fragile material and is easy to maintain. To maintain it, first remove the dust with a scraper. Next, shampoo the fabric without water! This step will remove stains. Spray Mister Shoe Cleaning Spray generously and then rub vigorously with the scraper. This will clean the dirtiest areas.

To revive nubuck, use a brass brush first. If the nubuck is very dull, you can use a crepe brush. This is more aggressive and should be used sparingly. To complete this step, you can use a colourless or coloured renovator. Apply the product and use the brush to brush the hair in both directions to restore the velvety look.

Finally, you need to protect your shoes. Simply apply a dose of waterproofing all over your Timberland boots. Wait a couple of hours before wearing. Your nubuck boots will be clean again.

How to clean suede shoes

For leather models

Leather shoes, such as boat shoes and sandals, require a different routine. This new routine will remove dirt, water stains, etc.

To clean leather shoes, start by removing dust with a boar's hair scraper. Use a soft, clean cloth called a chamois to apply the next products.

Once the dust has been removed, apply the cleaning milk to the chamois and gently rub the leather. This step will remove old layers of shoe polish and embedded dirt. When the leather is clean, apply the cream polish. Take a small amount of the product with the chamois and massage it into the pores of the leather. Then polish with wax paste to protect against dirt and rain. You can apply it with a chamois or a palot brush. To activate the properties of the paste, brush vigorously with a polishing brush.

How to clean leather shoes

For all other cases such as sneakers

Sneakers are multi-material and require softer products. Our range of products are coconut oil based and solvent free to avoid damaging the materials.

You should start by dusting with a universal brush before starting the maintenance. Remove the laces and soak them in a bowl with cleaner. Start by cleaning the sole with the sole brush and cleaner. Liquid sneaker cleaner or foam can be used in this case. Scrub vigorously to remove embedded stains. This will restore your soles to their original colour.

Next, move on to the upper and repeat the process using the universal brush.

Remove the excess foam with the microfiber sneaker towel. To finish the maintenance, spray waterproofing agent 30 cm from the trainers. Let the trainers dry for a few minutes.

Need help?

For all other models not detailed in the article, you can consult our tutorials. You will find the tutorial corresponding to the material of your shoes: fat leather, patent leather, reptile leather, etc.

If you still can't find the advice you need, our team is here to help you find the right products.

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