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Cleaning and Protect Sneakers

This lesson shows you how clean and protect sneakers that have suffered the effects of time and bad weather.


Frequency: As soon as you want to have sneakers clean.

Sneakers are regularly composed of fragile materials that can not be repaired. For example, the leathers used are systematically ground and laminated, making them irreparable. The same applies to textiles and plastics.

We can not take care of a pair of sneakers as we do with a pair of classic leather or suede shoes. However, you can clean them with suitable products to avoid damaging these fragile materials and above all you must protect them to keep them as long as possible.

Warning: there are many models of sneakers, productions and various qualities. It is important to test on a hidden part of the shoe before each step.

Warning: this lesson is not suitable for materials such as full grain leather, oily leather or patent leather.

Step 1: Dust off

With the help of your Monsieur Chaussure sneakers universal brush, brush your shoes to remove all excess dirt. It is important to remove the maximum amount of residue to pollute at least the cleaner we will use in the next steps.

The use of a pig silk brush as the one presented, avoids any damage to the shoe during this step.

Dust Off the sneakers

Step 2: Prepare the cleaner

A sneakers cleaner is a cleaner that can clean the entire shoe without damaging the material and especially without the need for rinsing. Classic soaps and other universal shampoos tend to tarnish colors and clog materials if you do not rinse them.

Monsieur Chaussure sneakers cleaner can be used with different concentrations:

- 1/3 cleaner and 2/3 cold water: for a refresh of slightly dirty sneakers

- 1/2 cleaner and 1/2 cold water: for a classic cleaning

- 100% cleaner: for a renovation of sneakers

Choose the concentration that suits you and mix cleaner and water in a container large enough to accommodate the sneakers brushes.

Prepare the sneakers cleaner

Step 3: Clean the sole

Over time your sole can tarnish and get dirty. To clean and find the original colors of the sole of your sneakers, use the Monsieur Chaussure sneakers sole brush. Its bristles made from polypropylene provides a sufficiently high stiffness to properly detach the soles without damaging them.

Dip the bristles of the brush into the cleaner, drain, then scrub your sole vigorously, taking care not to touch the rest of the shoe. The product should foam and you should quickly find that the original colors reappear. If the foam disappears you must soak the brush again in the cleaner and continue to brush.

When you have reached the desired level of cleanliness, use the sneakers towel and wipe the soleplate. You will get a clean insole with revived colors.

Clean the sole of the sneakers

Step 4: Clean the Upper (top)

As with all of this lesson, this step is suitable for all types of sneakers. Whether composed of textiles, plastics, leather or suede, the method remains the same.

Use your Monsieur Chaussure sneakers universal brush and the same cleaner used in the previous step. The use of a pig silk brush as the one presented, avoids any damage to the shoe during this step.

Dip the hair from the brush into the cleaner, drain, then brush the sneakers evenly and circularly. You must quickly find the original colors of the sneakers. Be careful, if it is suede or textile, you will not notice instant results because the materials will darken in the presence of the cleaner. The final result will only be appreciated after sneakers drying.

When you have reached the desired level of cleanliness, use the sneakers towel and wipe the entire shoe.

Clean the upper of the sneakers

Step 5: Clean the laces

Remove the laces and soak for 10 minutes in the same cleaner used in the previous steps. If the cleaner is really dirty, you can renew it before this step.

After 10 minutes, rub the laces soaked with cleaner in your hands, soak them again and repeat this operation several times. You will not be able to get laces like new but they will be much cleaner.

When you have achieved the desired result, pinch one end of the lace through the sneakers towel then slide the lace to wring it out.

Clean the laces of the sneakers

Step 6: Protect

The best way to keep sneakers clean is to protect them before getting dirty. A good waterproofer allows to keep your feet dry, but especially to protect your shoes from any indelible stains. The waterproofing agent deposits a film on the whole of the sneakers and limits as much as possible the incrustation of the stains.

Put your pair of dry sneakers on a protected table and in a ventilated room, shake the waterproofing, then spray at a distance of about 30 cm. It is not necessary to put a lot of them. Our waterproofing is effective from the first layer.

Let it dry 15min before wearing your sneakers.

Protect the sneakers


Cleaning and Protect Sneakers

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