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Saphir Dark Green Shoe Dye 50ml
  • Saphir Dark Green Shoe Dye 50ml
  • Saphir Dark Green Shoe Dye 50ml
  • Teinture française Noir SAPHIR

Saphir Dark Green Shoe Dye 50ml

French dark green dye specially formulated to produce smooth leather patinas. This format allows the patina of several pairs of shoes. Details

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How to use this product.

Precautions for use: use this product in a ventilated room and protect your work surface to avoid staining it.

The dye is always applied to leather that has been stripped with a stripper specially designed for smooth leather. Once you have stripped the entire shoe and obtained a matt leather, you can apply the dye. The dye is applied to the entire shoe using the tool provided or a brush. To achieve the desired colour, you need to apply several coats so that the result is even. When you have obtained the desired result, let your shoes dry for several hours. The next day you can maintain your shoes by applying a Mr. Shoe polish cream rich in fatty substances to intensely nourish them and intensify the colour.

Then finish with Monsieur Chaussure shoe polish paste with beeswax to make it shine and protect it from humidity.

Be sure to keep the dye in a dry room away from heat.


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Saphir Dark Green Shoe Dye 50ml.

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  • Colour range : Green / Yellow
  • Category : Care Products
  • Materials : All Materials
  • Type : Liquid
  • Volume : 50 ml
  • Use : Dyeing
  • Quick Access : The Workers' Choice
  • Weight : 0,80 g
  • Length : 6,3 cm
  • Width : 5,1 cm
  • Height : 12,5 cm

Saphir Dark Green Shoe Dye for Patina Design 50ml

The dark green Teinture Francaise shoe dye by Saphir (50ml) is ideal for colouring leather, nubuck and suede, or for creating a patina.

This dark green shoe dye allows you to colour your dark green leather shoes or small items such as wallets and handbags. The shoe dye can also be used to create a patina on the leather that imitates the partially discoloured appearance of worn shoes. The Saphir Teinture Francaise is a must-have for all lovers of leather who would like to personalise their items to make them truly unique. The dye is sold in a set that includes a pair of gloves and a cotton wick applicator.

Use the Saphir Teinture Francaise dark green shoe dye only on leather that has been cleaned or that has had its colour removed. It can be applied to specific scratched areas of any dark green leather item to restore the new look of the leather. If you are using this Saphir shoe dye to tint an entire leather item, we strongly recommend testing a bit of the dye on a hidden area to determine whether it produces the colour you want. This step avoids disappointment with the overall result since the final leather colour is always dependant on the base colour. If you are satisfied with the results, apply a thin and even first coat over the entire surface of the shoe and allow it to dry for at least one hour. If the colour is not intense enough after an hour, you can always add other coats to deepen the brown shade, but be mindful of the one-hour drying time required after each coat. When the desired colour is obtained, you will need to use a shoe cream to nourish and soften the leather. The shoe cream will also help sustain the colour of the newly dyed leather. You may wish to complete the process with a shoe polish to give the leather a long-lasting shine and protect it from impact damage.

Store your Teinture Francaise shoe dye in a cool, dry place and tightly close the cap to ensure proper conservation.
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