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Leather Goods

Discover all the care products and accessories dedicated to leather goods. Your handbag, wallet, belt, bracelet and other leather goods must be maintained and protected with products and accessories specially developed for this type of support. Monsieur Chaussure has selected and tested many products to retain only this selection and guarantee you excellent results without risk of degradation. You will find all the advice and videos for leather goods on the Monsieur Chaussure website and in each product sheet.


  • Leather Goods Care

    Handbags, wallets, belts, bracelets and all your leather goods can be maintained and protected. The particular use of these leather, coated canvas or textile articles requires the use of specific products in order to guarantee good results without degrading the materials and without risking color transfers.
    In this category, Monsieur Chaussure offers you a selection of tested and approved products for the maintenance of your leather goods. To ensure excellent results, consult the Monsieur Chaussure tips and videos dedicated to leather goods as well as the product sheets.

  • Leather Goods Services

    Your travel bags, handbags, wallets, jackets or all your other leather goods require special attention and certain precautions during their maintenance or repair. The type of materials used for leather goods complicates the operation and requires the use of specific products and procedures to avoid altering the support or modifying its appearance. The services offered in this category allow you to maintain, renovate and repair all types of bags, jackets and other leather goods, benefiting from the expertise of the Monsieur Chaussure workshops.

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