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Oke Shoe Stretch Spray by Saphir 150ml
  • Oke Shoe Stretch Spray by Saphir 150ml
  • Oke Shoe Stretch Spray by Saphir 150ml
  • Assouplissant cuir SAPHIR 150 ml
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Oke Shoe Stretch Spray by Saphir 150ml

This fabric softener has the function of relaxing the leather of your new or too narrow shoes to dissipate any discomfort or pain. Tested by our workshop manager Mr Shoe, this 150ml format is able to soften many of your shoes. Details
9 21 reviews

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    Tomorrow, Thursday april 11
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How to use this product.

Quick and easy to use, designed for any shoe novice. Apply the fabric softener directly to the areas you want to relax.

Do not hesitate to wet the leather or even soak it completely inside and out to obtain the best possible result. In case of severe discomfort, wear your shoes immediately after application to reshape the leather to the shape of your foot. The product does not require rinsing. We strongly advise you to use a form to force accompanied by its onions in order to target the painful areas more effectively.

You can repeat the operation for several days in a row to obtain the relaxation you want.

21 reviews  /  4.5 stars

The rating for this product is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

We collected nearly 21 reviews from verified buyers.

AKIM D. Verified buyer bron, Sep 18 2023
Fast and effective

I ordered the fabric softener and a force form and the products are of good quality and delivered quite quickly

Marie-Claude G. Verified buyer Crossac , May 15 2023
Leather softener


Jean-Marc C. Verified buyer VICHY, Dec 07 2022


Bernard L. Verified buyer Avesnes le comte, Nov 26 2021
This product correctly performs its intended function.

I would also like to thank Mr. Chaussure for the quality of his customer relations following the forgetting to send this product in my initial order. => very Professional!

MARIE M. Verified buyer TREBES, Oct 14 2021

very effective but not enough product we can make a pair of boots and a pair of pumps and it's empty too bad... I will still recommend it.

Michèle Le D. Verified buyer Vanves, May 20 2021
Very good product

Easy to use fabric softener. The result is very satisfactory

Christian S. Verified buyer Bourogne, Mar 08 2021

I used SAPHIR leather softener my brand sneakers were tight and now after leaving them for two days with spacers and the spray it's perfect they fit me perfectly

Valerie Q. Verified buyer Bretteville sur laize, Jan 23 2021

Very good product, serious site, fast shipping

OPHELIE L. Verified buyer Paris, Oct 26 2018
Saphir Leather Softener

Top! I'm almost out! 7 pairs goes quickly!!! My feet thank you!!!

Jerome N. Verified buyer May 10 2018
Magic !

I applied this mousse to the areas to be widened by combining it with a forceful shape: impeccable result in just one day. Attention ! some leathers are not suitable for this product, ask the seller for advice beforehand

Philippe P. Verified buyer SIGNY LE PETIT, Jan 31 2018
leather softener


Pierre-Paul R. Verified buyer Nalinnes, Feb 20 2017

to recommend

CATHERINE B. Verified buyer BIARRITZ, Oct 02 2016
ineffective product

you have to use a very large quantity for it to be effective and it doesn't last!

Good morning, To maximize the effectiveness of leather formers, the leather should first be wetted, outside and inside the area to be softened. Then secondly, exert force to relax the leather, either by wearing the shoe during the day, or by using a force form. If the force applied is not great enough, the leather will not relax enough to feel the desired comfort. Finally, it is sometimes necessary to repeat the operation depending on the areas to be softened, and depending on the leathers and their thickness. These products are the same as those used by shoemakers, in different formats, and they have proven their effectiveness for years. We remain at your disposal by email or telephone from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Answer Monsieur Chaussure

Gilles B. Verified buyer savigny le temple, Jul 11 2016
THE product to have to be comfortable "in your pumps"!

With a forcing shape, for example, this product is ideal. Like all Monsieur Chaussure products. No, I'm not paid to advertise, that's more prosaically my opinion.

William D. Verified buyer Jan 25 2016
Excellent product!

This is by far the best softener on the market. Perfect for relieving your feet when your shoes are too tight.

Jocelyne M. Verified buyer AUTET, Dec 05 2015

Very effective

SEBASTIEN T. Verified buyer RIOM, Aug 24 2015
great product

Used on several shoes, this product works very well. Two apps and the job is done. I recommend this product.

DONATO T. Verified buyer PARIS, Aug 02 2015

This product is really great!!! I couldn't put my shoes on.... since using Saphir leather softener and leaving them in shape for 24 hours, they have become "slippers".

Yannick M. Verified buyer toulouse, Oct 04 2014
Miraculous product...

In the proper sense of the term ! If some of your shoes hurt your feet I recommend it. Much more efficient and much less expensive than a trip to Lourdes...

Patrick M. Verified buyer Aug 28 2013

Used with a force form, this product works miracles for tootsies!

Audrey Nguyen Van S. Verified buyer Longjumeau, Aug 18 2013
Leather softener

Great product with immediate effect, I recommend it


Find all the details for the product:

Oke Shoe Stretch Spray by Saphir 150ml.

For more information on the use of this product you can consult the associated tutorials

  • Colour range : All Colours
  • Category : Care Products
  • Materials : All Materials
  • Type : Spray
  • Volume : 150 ml
  • Use : Softener
  • Weight : 0,50 g
  • Length : 3,4 cm
  • Width : 3,4 cm
  • Height : 12 cm

Saphir Oke Leather Shoe Stretch Spray 150ml

The Oke shoe stretch spray by Saphir loosens shoes that fit too tightly.

The Oke shoe stretch spray allows your shoes to conform perfectly to the shape of your feet. It stretches the areas of the shoe that are too narrow to create a more custom fit. This shoe stretch spray will never alter the look or colour of your shoes. The discomfort you feel when wearing tight shoes will simply disappear.

Use the Oké shoe stretch spray by Saphir primarily on the smaller areas of the shoe that need softening. For best results, apply the foam generously to both the outside and inside of your shoes. This dermatologically tested product is safe for your skin and can be applied directly by hand if you need to reach a very precise area. For mild discomfort, you can put the shoe on immediately after applying the product and walk around a bit to let the leather conform to the shape of your foot. We do however recommend using a shoe stretcher with bunion knobs for treating the precise areas that hurt the most. Bunion knobs are small hard plastic pieces that fit directly into the wood of the shoe stretcher and protrude lightly into the leather to loosen it in order to eliminate discomfort. Apply the Saphir shoe stretch spray over successive days until the desired comfort level is achieved. Let the product dry and put on the shoes without rinsing it off.

Store your Saphir shoe stretch spray in a cool place away from direct light.
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