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What to clean your car's interior with?

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Explore car interior cleaning products for a clean car every day.
We guide you through the essential steps for cleaning and maintaining your car's interior, highlighting two leading products: solvent-free cleaning gel and descaling foam.
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What to use to clean car interiors?

To clean the car's interior, use suitable products such as a cleaning gel or foam car upholstery cleaner. Avoid abrasive solvent-based products which could damage surfaces.

Regular maintenance of your car's leather upholstery is essential to preserve its beauty and extend its life. These cleaning products can be used to clean beige, brown or black car leather. They are suitable for all colours. Find out in the article how and where to use them.

Cleaning and protecting leather upholstery car

For regular maintenance: cleaning gel

Solvent-free cleaning gel is a solution for regular maintenance of all car upholstery. The car interior cleaner is applied to the steering wheel or dashboard.
The gel cleans using natural ingredients to remove dirt, dust and residues that have built up over time. Its effectiveness is based on a solvent-free formula. It guarantees gentle cleaning without compromising the integrity of the leather.

It is designed in France and rigorously tested by automotive professionals. The "Made in France" aspect lends extra confidence, underlining the commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

This product is specially formulated to meet the demands of smooth and grained, film-coated leathers. It offers a no-compromise approach to maintaining the quality and lustre of your vehicle's leather.

Another major advantage of this cleaning gel is its versatility. From door panels to the dashboard, the cleaning gel offers a complete solution for cleaning the entire interior of your vehicle. This versatility makes it an ideal companion. It's the product to buy for those looking for a practical and effective approach to car maintenance.

The solvent-free formula also helps to preserve leather's natural suppleness. Unlike some aggressive cleaners that can alter the texture of leather, the cleaning gel leaves the material soft and pleasant to the touch. This not only ensures greater comfort for passengers, but also maintains the aesthetic and functional value of the leather over the long term.

Solvent-free cleaning gel is the preferred choice for regular maintenance of your car's leather upholstery. Its effectiveness, versatility and commitment to quality make it a must-have product for car enthusiasts. You can use it or give it as a gift to people looking to preserve the timeless elegance of automotive leather.

Cleaning and protecting leather upholstery car

For in-depth care: descaling foam

When your leather needs deep cleaning, a more specialised approach is required. Scrubbing foam is the ideal solution for in-depth maintenance.
This car interior cleaner aims to restore leather to its original state. Made from natural active ingredients, this unique formula offers exceptional cleaning power. It acts on the pores of the leather to effectively remove encrusted dirt.

One of the distinctive advantages of the descaling foam is its two-step cleaning process. First, the foam adheres to the dirt, lifting it from the leather's pores.

It leaves no sticky residue behind because it's designed to be a no-rinse product.

Unlike other products, this foam leaves a clean, smooth finish with no stickiness, preserving the aesthetics of the leather. So it's easy to wipe off with a microfibre towel.
This feature aligns with the desire of many car owners to achieve exceptional results without compromising ease of use.

Using the foam car upholstery cleaner provides a pleasant tactile experience.

Another crucial aspect of the foam cleaner is its non-abrasive effect. Designed to respect the delicacy of leather, this formula does not use harsh solvents. The choice of a solvent-free formula preserves the integrity of the material without compromising its durability.

This delicate yet effective formula restores the leather's original feel. After using the foam, you'll have a fresh, high-quality feeling every time you use it.

In conclusion, descaling foam emerges as the optimal choice for those looking for in-depth maintenance of their car's leather. This product is an invaluable ally for cleaning and protecting car leather. It is effective against stubborn dirt and its formula is gentle on leather. What's more, it doesn't require rinsing and leaves an impeccable finish.

Cleaning and protecting leather upholstery car

Cleaning and protecting your car upholstery

As well as regularly cleaning your car's interior, it's important to protect your upholstery.

To finish cleaning the interior of your car, apply Bōme protective gel. The protective gel protects against future stains. The film prevents dust and other dirt from becoming embedded in the leather.

Applying the protective gel makes future maintenance easier.

Cleaning and protecting leather upholstery car

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