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Renovating your leather bag

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Is your leather bag less shiny? Discover all the steps to renovate it!
In this article, our team explains the steps to renovate your handbag.
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Introduction: practical advice without dye

Today we're going to take you through the simple, effective steps you need to take to bring your favourite leather bag back to life. This guide will help you renovate your bag without having to resort to complex dyeing.

In this article, we'll show you how to restore the shine and suppleness of your precious companion by following our renovation tips. Transform your tired leather bag into a stylish piece that will attract attention once again.

All the products mentioned in the article are available on our website. They can be applied to all leather and imitation leather handbags.

Get ready to restore a worn leather bag with the advice of Monsieur Chaussure.

Renovate your leather bag

Before renovating, clean your bag

In the essential process of renovating a leather bag, the first step is essential. It consists of meticulously cleaning the leather.

This step should never be neglected. It is the very foundation of preparing the leather to receive the renovation products. Before applying any recolouring product, it is imperative to ensure that the leather is stripped bare. The leather must be free of any dust, dirt or other impurities that could compromise the effectiveness of the renovation process.
Keeping the leather free of dirt will help the renovation to last longer.

To begin, dust the leather with the Bōme boar bristle scraper. The brush gets into every nook and cranny. Next, you need to apply the Bōme leather goods cleaning gel using a chamois. The solvent-free gel removes dirt in a single pass, without removing the colour of your bag. You can therefore make several passes to remove all the dirt.

Take the time to inspect every nook and cranny of your leather bag, making sure that no area is left unattended.

After this cleaning stage, you can continue with the leather renovation that will give your leather bag a new lease of life.

Renovate your leather bag

Renovating your leather bag

Renovating your handbag can be done at each maintenance to prolong its effects. The best products for renovating your leather bag are Bōme's renovating milks. They are available in several colours to renovate bags in black, brown, blue and even burgundy.

Apply the renovating milk of your choice directly to a chamois and then to the leather of your handbag. Massage the leather in circular motions. You will quickly cover all areas of your handbag. The result is a more harmonious and complete renovation of your leather bag.

The renovation of your leather bag ends with the application of the nourishing gel. This gel fixes the pigments in the leather and removes those that have not been absorbed. By removing the product overlay, you avoid colour transfers to your clothes.

Your chamois should be white when you pass it over after applying the nourishing gel.

Renovate your leather bag

Preserve the renovation of your leather bag

Now that you've renovated your leather bag, you need to protect it. Protect it from external damage such as knocks or rain.

To do this, spray the entire leather bag with Bōme protective spray from a distance of 30 cm. After spraying the protective spray, spread it all over the leather with a clean chamois. By spreading the product you create a protective film on the leather.

This protective film prevents stains and dirt from becoming embedded in the leather and staining it permanently. As a result, your handbag will retain its beauty for longer. By investing this time in renovating the leather, you'll be bringing your beloved bag back to life. You'll also prolong its restored beauty over time.

Renovate your leather bag

Our team at your service

We are at your disposal to guide you through the renovation of your handbag. You can call us or send us photos so that we can carry out a live diagnosis of your handbag.

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