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Complete guide to removing stains from leather.

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Got a stain on leather? Find out how to remove it!
Here you'll find a complete guide to removing stains from all types of leather.
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The issue of stains on leather is a complex one, involving a number of factors. Before attempting to remove a stain from leather, it is essential to determine the specific nature of the stain. There are plenty of solutions and old-fashioned tricks for cleaning stains from leather.

What's more, the composition of your leather needs to be taken into account, as different types of leather require specific cleaning methods. For example, a pen stain on leather will be treated differently from a vegetable stain. Understanding how leather is made is also crucial to its care.

Here you'll find a method for each type of stain to clean without damaging the leather.

We advise you to use products that are suitable for leather. None of the methods shown require you to use a hairdryer, as high heat can dry out the leather and cause it to crack.

It is therefore essential to keep this protection in good condition, bearing in mind that leather is a porous material. Regular care will prevent stains from appearing and ensure the longevity of your leather objects, avoiding many complications.

All the products mentioned in the article are available on our site, along with a tutorial to maximise the results.

Discover our care guide

Removing stains from leather shoes

To clean leather shoes, use terre de sommières for greasy stains. It can be applied to smooth or grained leather shoes.

For alcohol or biros stains, we recommend using a leather stain remover. This product is applied with a clean chamois cloth, using circular movements to cover the entire area.

For everyday stains or superficial dirt, we recommend using Monsieur Chaussure cleansing milk. The cleansing milk cleans gently without damaging the leather.

After cleaning, we recommend nourishing the leather. This is essential to preserve the feel and appearance of your leather shoes. You can then finish by following the usual leather care steps.

Cleaning your leather shoes

Removing stains from suede shoes

To prevent the stain from soaking into the suede, we recommend applying terre de sommières. This natural powder will effectively absorb the dirt without damaging the delicate suede fabric. Next, use a cleaning product specially designed for suede to give it a thorough shampoo. This deep cleaning will remove dirt residues and restore the suede's original appearance.

Thanks to these cleaning steps, the stain will gradually disappear and become virtually invisible. It is important to follow these cleaning tips carefully to preserve the quality and appearance of your suede shoes.

Then you can continue with a complete care and renovation for a perfect result. By caring for your suede on a regular basis, you can extend its life and keep it looking new for longer.

Cleaning your suede shoes

Cleaning stains from leather sofas

Your leather sofas can quickly become stained, and stains can spoil the beauty of the leather. We recommend cleaning about once a month to prevent stains from becoming embedded.

If the stains are recent, we recommend applying the cleaning gel. The cleaning gel makes it easy to remove surface dirt. It is applied to a chamois cloth and then to the leather using circular movements to remove all the dirt in one go.

If the stains are older, we recommend using the cleaning foam. Its properties help to unclog the pores of the leather. Apply it directly to the cleaning brush and then to the sofa. You can rub vigorously to remove all the dirt. Simply wipe off any excess with a microfibre towel.

Clean your leather sofa

Cleaning a stain on car leather upholstery

To clean a stain on car upholstery, do not use products containing solvents. Solvents can dry out the leather and fade the colour.

For this reason, we advise you not to use abrasive products.

To remove stains, we recommend using a foam cleaner. It will thoroughly unclog pores. The cleansing foam will remove the dirt with the action of the brush. It will become thicker as you use it, capturing all the dirt.

Clean your upholstery car

Cleaning stains from leather goods

To maintain the quality of leather, you need to use solvent-free products based on natural active ingredients. So you can clean gently without altering the original beauty of the leather.

Opt for accessories such as cotton chamois or hog bristle brushes that won't damage the surface of the leather.

Always start with a dusting step, followed by meticulous cleaning with Bōme cleaning gel. Continue by applying nourishing and protective products from the same brand.

To restore the leather's shine, we recommend using the appropriate renovating milks. Highly pigmented, it restores the shine of your bag.

See a tutorial for more tips.

Cleaning your leather bag

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