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Paraboot care guide: extend your paraboot's lifespan

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The ultimate guide to maintaining and extending the life of your Paraboots.
Discover all our advice and the right products to double the life of your Paraboots.
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A legendary shoe since 1908

Paraboots are much more than just a fashion accessory. Renowned for their hard-wearing Norwegian stitching, these shoes are a must-have in your wardrobe.

For those who own them, they represent an investment in their own right, combining traditional craftsmanship, exceptional quality and durability. Since 1908, shoes made in France have embodied solidity and durability in the minds of consumers.

To preserve their beauty and prolong their life, regular maintenance is essential.

In this guide, we offer you a range of tips for looking after your pairs of Paraboot shoes.

The advice given is carried out daily in our workshop on different Paraboot models. The products mentioned in the article are available on our website.

Take care of your Paraboots shoes

1. Use the right cleaning products

When it comes to cleaning your Paraboots, the quality of the products used is essential. Opt for cleaners based on natural active ingredients, like those offered by Monsieur Chaussure. These products clean gently without damaging the upper material.

Monsieur Chaussure care kits are compatible with all Paraboots models. They come with a video routine to guarantee optimum results. Each care kit includes products for polishing your shoes and accessories. The accessories include brushes.

The care kits are suitable for smooth, grained and suede leather. The products are applied all over the shoe. Made in France, tested in our shoe repair workshop and regularly improved, these products are perfect for maintaining the quality of your shoes.

Take care of your Paraboots shoes

2. Clean your Paraboots with a regular cleaning routine

Getting into the habit of cleaning your Paraboots regularly is essential for maintaining their shine and durability. We recommend cleaning them every month or so. This frequency is ideal if you wear your shoes very regularly.

A few minutes a month is all it takes to keep your shoes looking and shining like new. Clean the leather with the care kits and brushes supplied for impeccable results.

If you wish, you can gently remove dirt and dust after each use. To do this, use a soft brush such as a scraper.

Take care of your Paraboots shoes

3. Protect your Paraboots from the elements

Weather conditions can have a considerable impact on the appearance and durability of your Paraboots. To protect your shoes from the elements, use a high-quality waterproofing product.

For leather shoes, the best waterproofing is shoe polish rather than the classic waterproofing. Waterproofing spray can leave white rings on the leather and only partially protect the shoe. For suede shoes, Monsieur Chaussure waterproofing spray with a vegetable resin base is ideal.

Whatever product you choose, it acts as a protective barrier against moisture and stains. It preserves the integrity of the leather and extends the life of your shoes.

In addition, Monsieur Chaussure red cedar shoe trees maintain the shape of your Paraboots. They absorb moisture and give them a pleasant fresh scent.

Take care of your Paraboots shoes

4. Store your Paraboots correctly

Proper storage of your Paraboots is just as crucial as their daily care.

Avoid leaving them in direct sunlight or at extreme temperatures. This can damage the leather and alter their appearance. Store them in your usual shoe cupboard.

Use Mr Shoe red cedar shoe trees to maintain their shape and absorb moisture. If you rarely wear them, put them in cotton shoe covers. Cotton is breathable to protect them from dust and dirt. It will also help prevent the formation of mould.

Discover our shoes tree in red cedar

5. Never neglect sole care

As well as the leather, the soles of your Paraboots also need special attention.

Keep an eye on the wear of the sole and consider having your shoes resoled when necessary. At Monsieur Chaussure, we offer identical resoles using high-quality products. They guarantee optimum grip and extend the life of your Paraboots.

You can take advantage of this service in shop or via our online shoe repair service, with a 5-year guarantee.

Repair your Paraboots Shoes

Double the life of your Paraboots

By following these simple but essential tips, you can be sure of preserving the beauty of your pair of shoes. You'll also be preserving the quality of your Paraboots for generations to come. You've learned how to care for your Paraboots in just a few steps.

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