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Spring cleaning: our tips

Spring is the perfect time to get your house in tip-top shape.
Discover all our tips for a successful spring clean.
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The essentials of spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is an annual ritual that's becoming increasingly important. It marks the transition from winter to spring. It's an opportunity to thoroughly clean every room from top to bottom.

It's the perfect time to dust, declutter and revitalise your home. Time to start afresh and make the most of the summer season. With this in mind, our article aims to share practical and effective tips for deep cleaning your home. We won't, however, be giving you organisational advice for your fridge and freezer, for example.

Check out our selection of household products for spring cleaning. It has been put together by our team to bring you the best professional household products.

All the products mentioned in the article are available on our site.

Discover our home cleaning products

Tip 1: Cleaning the house

1. For the kitchen: We recommend that you opt for our products based on natural ingredients such as black soap and bicarbonate of soda. These great allies effectively clean all your surfaces, from appliances to worktops. They remove grease and dirt without damaging your surfaces.

2. For the bathroom: The challenge is twofold: to keep the bathroom clean and to prevent mould and mildew. Our bathroom cleaning products specifically target joints and surfaces, and have a fungicidal action that fights the appearance of mould. For your shower curtain, you can either replace it or machine wash it if there are no contraindications.

3. For all floors: Parquet, tiles or linoleum, each floor has its own specific characteristics. Our range of cleaning products meets all your cleaning and renovation needs. Each product comes with a user guide to ensure you get the best possible results.

4. For metal surfaces: Stainless steel, aluminium, copper and other metals in your kitchen require metal cleaners designed to protect and shine your metal surfaces. Our selection offers total, long-lasting protection against stains and corrosion.

5. For windows and glass: the Briochin product selected has a triple action. It cleans, degreases and shines all glass surfaces. Its formula, based on natural ingredients like vinegar, gives a brilliant shine and dries quickly for fast cleaning.

Discover our home cleaning products

Tip 1: Cleaning your leather sofa

Your leather sofa deserves special attention during this spring cleaning. Start by dusting the structure with a hoover, then choose the right product from the Bōme range for a deep clean.

Bōme sofa products are made with natural ingredients to clean, nourish and protect your leather furniture.

The Bōme Complete Sofa Kit contains everything you need to maintain your sofa and keep it in good condition. It will keep it in good condition for a long time. The video tutorials accompanying the kit offer you expert advice. They're also a guide to using the products correctly and getting professional results.

Discover our sofa care products

Tip 2: Caring for leather and suede shoes

Once you've finished your interior, it's time to clean and care for your shoes!

This is the time to put away your winter shoes and take out your summer ones.

Before putting your shoes away for the season, we recommend cleaning them one last time.

Remove all the dust and dirt that accumulated over the winter with our care kits. Every leather has its own routine for doubling the life of your shoes.

Discover our leather shoes care products

Tip 3: Care for your trainers

After your leather or suede shoes, don't forget your trainers! Your sneakers also deserve special care to keep them looking as good as new.

Monsieur Chaussure has developed a range of products specially for their care. They ensure effective cleaning while protecting the colours and structure of your shoes.

Our range includes gentle cleaning solutions, waterproofing products and protective balms enriched with natural agents such as coconut oil. They prevent the marks of time and yellowing.

The Bōme trainer care kit includes everything you need to clean, refresh and protect your trainers. Both accessories and products are suitable for all models. What's more, the associated video tutorials make the care routine easy. In just a few minutes, you can have professional results at home!

Discover our sneakers care products

Tip 4: Caring for your leather goods

When it comes to caring for your favourite leather accessories, Bōme's range of leather goods care products is indispensable. The products are for all leather goods: for your handbags, wallets, or belts, etc.

Our products are specially formulated for all leathers used in leather goods. Our leather goods care products contain natural ingredients that nourish and revitalise the leather. They also keep the leather supple and bring out its original colour.

The care products and associated accessories come together in a complete care kit. The care kit cleans, maintains and protects your leather goods.

Like the other ranges, the leather goods care products are accompanied by video tutorials. The tutorials guide you step by step through the care process.

You'll learn how to take care of your accessories to keep them looking beautiful year after year.

Discover our leather goods care products

Tip 5: Cleaning the car upholstery

When it comes to spring cleaning, we don't forget the car! Bōme car upholstery care products are designed for leather, pigmented leather and imitation leather seats. They ensure optimum cleanliness and protection.

The car care range includes natural, solvent-free cleaners enriched with cedar oil. They provide gentle cleaning that preserves the softness and colour of the leather. Our cleaning brush, made in France, combines traditional know-how with innovation, effectively removing encrusted dirt without damaging the leather.

Finally, our maintenance kit contains everything you need to clean, renovate and protect your upholstery. What's more, it comes with video tutorials to make it easy to use.

Discover our car upholstery care products


You've got the keys to a successful spring clean! We advise you to do it over several weekends to avoid getting discouraged.

Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to take care of your home, from your shoes to your car. With Monsieur Chaussure's range of products, every step of the cleaning process becomes easier and more effective.

We invite you to discover all our ranges on the Monsieur Chaussure website for a complete clean.

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