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How to maintain your leather jacket?

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Your leather jacket needs the same attention as your bags and shoes to keep its original shine and feel.
While it's a good idea to put your denim or cotton jacket in the washing machine, you shouldn't do so with your leather jacket or blouson. All your leather garments should not be put in a washing machine.

You risk irreversible damage. The leather of your jacket requires cleaning and renovation with specific products.
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Taking care of your leather jacket is key

Care of your leather jacket and imitation leather jacket is necessary to ensure that the leather ages optimally. Complete care involves several steps and takes just a few minutes to perform.

Cleaning once a month is sufficient. You'll double the life of your jacket without using leather jacket polish.

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Here are a few rules to follow to change the life of your jacket:

Cleaning product for leather jacket

Rule 1: Waterproofing before the first wearing

As soon as you leave the store, it's imperative to protect it. All you have to do is spray the entire jacket with protective spray. Don't forget to close your pockets and unbutton the snaps on your perfecto, so you don't miss any areas.

Cover your jacket with protector, then spread it with Bōme chamois. Spread it out to form a light protective film. Allow to air dry for a few minutes before wearing your jacket.

This film will act as a barrier against showers and stains. It will prevent stains from sticking when you next care for your leather jacket.

You can apply the same advice to your leather jacket.

Cleaning product for leather jacket

Rule 2: Clean the collard and the entire jacket

Products can be applied to both smooth and grained leather. To apply all the products mentioned, you need to use gentle, circular movements. These movements ensure that all areas to be treated are covered.

Let's start by washing the collar of your leather jacket, take a soft bristle brush called a décrottoir. The Bōme scraper is a soft brush and run it over the whole area. Pay particular attention to the seams and creases where dust likes to hide.

Repeat this step over the entire leather jacket. We recommend insisting on the bottom of the sleeves. You can also pay particular attention around snaps and seams.

Once you've dusted your entire jacket, you can apply Bōme cleaning gel with a soft cloth called chamois. If your jacket has never been cared for, apply several coats of cleaner. Leather cleaning takes just a few minutes for optimum results. It allows you to wash a leather jacket without water or cleansing milk.

There's no need to dry your jacket between the two steps. It is necessary to apply several coats of cleaner until you have an almost white chamois.

The gel is solvent-free and will not damage the leather. It will not alter the feel of the leather by drying it out. This cleaning product can also be applied to leather jackets.

From here, you have two options:
- Simple maintenance including dusting, cleaning, leather care and protection.
- A renovation with the application of a renovating milk to pigment your leather jacket.

For classic care:
After cleaning, apply a small dab of nourishing gel to a clean chamois. Massage into the leather until absorbed. Use small doses to avoid saturating the leather. Finish by applying the protective spray to protect the jacket. The protective spray also helps keep it intact for as long as possible.

For renovation:
You apply a renovation milk in the color of your jacket before moving on to the step of nourishing your jacket. Apply a dab of milk to a clean chamois and work in circles. By making circles, you will deposit a light layer of colored pigments on your leather. Continue in this way until you've covered all the leather on your jacket or blouson. You may want to lightly emphasize areas such as the sleeves and collar.

Once you've applied the renovation milk, you can return to the classic care steps. Continue the renovation by applying the nourishing gel and protective spray.

When you apply the nourishing gel, it may seem as if you're taking away some of the color you've just applied. But don't panic!
You're just removing the excess that hasn't been absorbed by the leather. You can apply several thin coats of nourishing gel to remove the excess. The nourishing gel also helps fix the pigments in the leather.

And that's it, you've just cleaned and renovated your leather jacket!

You can see several renovations carried out in our workshop on our Instagram account.

How to clean leather jacket

Rule 3: Remove greese stains

In case you have accidentally stained your jacket with grease, there is a solution to remove it.

Apply Terre de Sommières on the stain as soon as possible. Let it sit for several hours. After a few hours, use the Bōme scraper to remove the excess.

Next, we recommend that you perform a renovation of your entire jacket, focusing on the stained area. Thus, the stain will fade and you will find your jacket almost in its original state.

Cleaning product for leather jacket

Rule 4: Keep your leather jacket in good condition

Vous avez réalisé un entretien ou une rénovation, vous n’allez pas rouler en boule votre veste et la jeter dans votre armoire. Nous partageons avec vous nos derniers conseils pour bien ranger sa veste et blouson en cuir.

Tout d’abord, et vous le savez sûrement déjà, vous pendez votre veste systématiquement sur un cintre. Ce geste tout simple permet de conserver la forme de votre veste.

Ensuite, votre veste n’aime pas trop la chaleur, l’exposition au soleil, l’humidité. Nous vous recommandons donc de la ranger dans une armoire quand vous ne la portez pas. Et au moment de changement de saison, on la met sur un cintre et dans une housse pour l’hiverner avant de la sortir l’année prochaine.

Il faut aussi penser à protéger votre blouson de la poussière, du soleil et des saletés dans une housse lorsque vous ne le portez pas sur une moyenne ou longue durée.

Cleaning product for leather jacket

Your personalized diagnosis

The advice given in the article is suitable for all leather jackets, lambskin, and imitation leather. If you would like a personalized diagnosis, contact our team directly from our website.

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