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White Marble Plastic Shoe Horn
  • White Marble Plastic Shoe Horn
  • White Marble Plastic Shoe Horn

White Marble Plastic Shoe Horn

This small, lightweight shoehorn fits anywhere from your work bag to your travel bags. Lightweight but durable, it offers a good grip. Details

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For daily use to protect your shoes and your back.

Place the shoehorn against the slide of your shoe, then insert your foot. Your foot should be inserted halfway into your shoe before you place your heel against the shoehorn handle. When your heel touches the top of the shoehorn, push the heel down and let it slide against the entire shoe.

Remove the shoehorn from your shoe gently so as not to move your foot. Repeat the process with the second shoe.


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White Marble Plastic Shoe Horn.

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  • Category : Shoe Horns
  • Materials : Plastic
  • Use : Seated
  • Weight : 0,23 g
  • Length : 1,8 cm
  • Width : 4,2 cm
  • Height : 1,6 cm

White Marble Plastic Imitation Shoe Horn with a Small Handle

The white marble plastic shoehorn by Famaco allows you to easily slip into your shoes.

The white marble plastic imitation shoe horn is a basic accessory for extending the life and good looking of your flat shoes for the longest time possible. Its curved shape is perfectly suited to your heel and designed for easy handling that helps feet slip into shoes without deforming the heel. The smooth surface of the plastic helps you to easily slide your foot into your shoe and makes it an important ally for your shoes which won’t become damaged anymore while you put them on.

Use the shoe horn for any flat shoe that is difficult to put on, or when you want to protect the heel of the shoe. First, slide the front of your foot into your shoe. Then, slide the shoe horn on to the back of the shoe keeping it firmly in position. Put your heel onto the shoehorn and slide it down until your foot reaches the shoe insole. Slowly remove the shoehorn at the end. To use the shoehorn, you will only need to slip the wide part of the accessory into the heel of your shoe, then place your foot in the shoe.

The shoe horn is convenient to travel thanks to its lightweight construction and small size. It is made from light but rigid plastic that never breaks.
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