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Don't throw away your shoes: bring them back to life!

Adopt the right habits when buying your shoes!
All our tips for doubling the lifespan of all your shoes, whether casual or formal.
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Don't throw away your leather shoes: bring them back to life!

Leather is a noble material that lends elegance and durability to our favourite shoes. However, with time and use, even the best pairs can show signs of wear.

Rather than relegating them to the back of the cupboard or, worse still, throwing them away, why not give them a second life?

In this article, we explore a few simple ways to give new life to your beloved used leather shoes. And when you can extend their lifespan.

Online shoe repair

Before resurrecting them, protect them!

Taking care of your leather shoes before you even wear them is the first step in ensuring that you don't throw them away prematurely.

We advise you to protect the soles by fitting pads and inset irons to protect them from knocks and damp. Once you've protected the sole, we recommend that you carry out initial maintenance using shoe polish to protect the upper from damp.

See all our more in-depth advice on video!

Protect your shoes

Clean your shoes, the 1st step!

Often forgotten, shoe care is one of the first steps in slowing down the appearance of creases and other signs of wear. Like our skin, leather needs moisture to stay supple and avoid cracking. It is also advisable to use products based on natural active ingredients. They revitalise the leather, restoring its original shine without altering its feel.

The first step is to clean them with a gentle cleansing milk containing several oils to bring your leather shoes back to life. Next, follow the polishing steps: cream and paste to complete the care. Caring for your leather shoes will keep them as nourished, supple and shiny as the day they were worn.

Just a few simple steps and you're done in 10 minutes, top time! We offer video tutorials to guide you through each step of the care process.

Finish off your shoe care by changing worn laces to give your shoes a new lease of life. It's a simple but effective way to revitalise their appearance.

Clean your shoes

Repair scuffs and scratches

Over time, your leather shoes adapt to the unique shape of your feet. Each pair of leather shoes also develops a distinctive patina over time. Scratches and marks are not only signs of wear, but also evidence of your history with these shoes. Leather renovation preserves that personalised fit.

Renovation for leather or suede shoes preserves that unique character, giving your shoes a visual story that tells of your adventures and experiences.

If your leather shoes have suffered a few scuffs over time, don't worry, you can camouflage them. By camouflaging the scuffs, you can give your shoes a second life rather than throwing them away.

Renovation can also include giving the leather a patina, a glaze, a complete polish, or even changing the colour of the leather.

It's an economical, ecological and emotional act that extends the life of your shoes. So the next time you're thinking of throwing away your leather shoes, think about the possibility of renovating them.

Restorate your shoes

Repair your shoes to double their lifespan

If your shoes need more extensive repairs, it's a good idea to consult our shoe repair service. Our workshop manager can replace soles, repair stitching, zips and other more complex problems.

Professional repairs are often more economical than buying a new pair of shoes. It gives a second life to your pair of leather shoes.

Soles are the first line of defence against wear and tear, and over time they can become thin and lose their grip. A skilled shoemaker can replace worn soles with quality materials, giving your shoes a solid new foundation. This not only improves walking comfort, but also extends the overall life of the pair.

The shoemaker can, for example, restore the slide, the piece of leather that acts as a reinforcement at heel level on the inside of leather shoes. He can also replace the insole. These two services ensure that your favourite shoes don't end up in the bin.

The cobbler's services on offer ensure that your shoes are ready to take on new miles.

Ultimately, consulting a professional shoemaker to repair your leather shoes is a pragmatic decision that is part of a sustainable approach to fashion. So, before you part with your beloved shoes, explore the option of professional repair and give them a second life.

You'll be amazed at the transformation that expert craftsmanship can bring to your favourite shoes.

Online shoe repair

Bring your beloved leather shoes back to life!

By replacing worn soles, repairing stitching and moisturising the leather, you can maintain the comfort you've enjoyed since day one.

Rather than throwing away your leather shoes, invest a little time and effort in bringing them back to life. You'll be surprised at the difference these simple tips can make. By looking after your shoes, you also have the satisfaction of keeping a timeless piece of style in your wardrobe.

Online shoe repair

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