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Renovating and protecting your leather armchair

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The centrepiece of your living room, find out how to extend its life!
To restore its original suppleness and shine, and even reduce the signs of ageing, here are a few simple and effective tips for renovating your leather armchair.
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The secrets of successful restoration

Leather furniture, the darling of our interiors for its elegance and comfort, sometimes needs a facelift. At Monsieur Chaussure, we understand the importance of preserving the timeless beauty of your leather furniture.

Leather furniture comes in a variety of finishes, each requiring a specific approach. Understanding these nuances is essential to choosing the right products and methods. The pigmented finish, found on recent furniture, combines solidity and ease of maintenance with a uniform colour. On the other hand, the more delicate aniline finish retains the natural look of the skin, offering a soft touch and subtle nuances, ideal for club chairs.

At Monsieur Chaussure, we show you how to tame these finishes to restore shine and durability to your beloved leather armchair. The renovation products mentioned in the article are compatible with both finishes.

Renovate your leather sofa

Why renovate your leather armchair?

Your leather armchair, a silent witness to shared moments, can bear the marks of its life. Discreet but stubborn scratches sometimes mar the beauty of the leather. These marks, accumulated over the course of days, fade under the beneficial effect of the renovating care provided, giving way to a smooth, recoloured surface.

Cracked leather, another sign of the passage of time, can also be given a new lease of life thanks to renovation. Cracks, like the scars of everyday life, can be soothed and restored, giving your leather armchair a second chance to shine.

Renovating your leather armchair is much more than a simple cosmetic correction. By giving it the care it needs, you not only preserve its elegant appearance, but also its comfort.

Renovate your leather sofa

When should I renovate a leather armchair?

This is a one-off operation. Renovation can be carried out when you notice a change in the appearance of the leather.

Common signs of wear include scratches, depigmentation or drying out. These can be due to rubbing, changes in heat or exposure.

As soon as you notice the first signs, we advise you to intervene quickly to avoid permanent damage.

By correcting the signs of wear, you considerably reduce the risk of unwanted marks appearing. This clever approach saves you a lot of money, because you can keep your leather armchair for longer.

Renovate your leather sofa

How do you renovate a leather armchair?

This is where the magic of renovation takes place, giving your leather armchair a new lease of life.

The first step in any renovation is to remove surface dust and dirt. You can vacuum the structure of leather armchairs. For the seat and armrests, we recommend using a cleaning brush to remove all the dust, even in the nooks and crannies.

Then move on to the second stage: cleaning. Apply several thin coats of cleaning gel to remove all the dirt that has accumulated over the years. Clean leather is the basis of a successful restoration.

There's no need to rinse before moving on to renovation. Apply the tinted renovation milk directly to a clean chamois. Massage the leather in a circular motion over the entire area to be renovated.

The renovation milk will cover the entire area with pigments. Unlike leather paint, the pigments will be absorbed by the leather. It is necessary to remove the excess with the protective gel to avoid colour transfer.

The purpose of this protective gel is to maintain the appearance of the renovated leather. This protective layer will effectively protect the work carried out from external aggression. It will also make future maintenance easier.

Renovate your leather sofa

Our advice for a successful renovation

The choice of products is essential. Avoid corrosive products such as bleach or acetone. Avoid all products containing solvents. They risk irreversibly altering the feel and colour of your armchair's leather.

Use natural bristle brushes or soft microfibre cloths that are not abrasive, and work gently.
Don't get the leather too wet, as it may harden as it dries. Opt for no-rinse products for long-lasting results.

Renovate your leather sofa

Maintenance to prolong renovation: a crucial routine

To prolong the benefits of renovation, maintain your leather regularly. We recommend monthly maintenance.

For maintenance, remove our complete maintenance kit for leather sofas and armchairs. Give your leather armchairs the treatment they deserve with the Bōme range, exclusively at Monsieur Chaussure.

Use the cleaning gel to remove dirt. Finish with the protective gel to keep the leather soft and shiny. If they have not been cared for for more than 6 months, use the cleansing foam for a deep clean.

Renovate your leather sofa

Need personalised advice?

For personalised advice or information on the right colour for your furniture, our team is at your disposal.

We recommend that you contact us with photos so that we can guide you towards the right products for your leather renovation.

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