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Reduced price! Luxury Shoe Shine Kit

Pack content (17 Pieces)


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Luxury Shoe Shine Kit (17 Pieces)

M. Chaussure

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The Luxury shoe shine kit comes with a set of essential leather care products by Saphir.

The Luxury shoe shine kit completes your leather care collection with a set of essential Saphir products all displayed in an elegant leather and wood frame. The box provides enough storage capacity to accommodate your Saphir shoe creams and other leather brushes in a highly structured and organised manner. The two sections of the box are equipped with specially crafted compartments for storing specific shoe care products in a presentable way. The wood and leather details of the interior layout creates an elegant frame for displaying your shoe creams. The easily accessible upper compartment is designed to display your favourite shoe polishes while the drawer below is divided into five long sections to fit your leather brushes. The Luxury shoe shine box goes beyond the need for storage by providing a high-quality way of presenting leather care products and accessories. When open, the box offers a range of options for your shoe polishes and when closed, it provides a compact and strong means of securing your products with discreet yet sturdy hinges and magnets for closing the box. This is really a must-have accessory for every lover of leather shoes wanting to highlight their shoe polish collection.

Always store the shoe shine box in a dry place away from direct light and dust the wood regularly with a soft cloth. You may also wish to apply a shoe polish to the wood to protect it against stains.

1x 100% Wool Polishing Glove

1x Saphir Black Shoe Cleaning Brush

1x Saphir Multi-Purpose Leather Cleaner

1x Saphir Polishing Cloth

1x Saphir Black Superfine Shoe Cream

1x Saphir Brown Superfine Shoe Cream

1x Saphir Graisse HP Neutral Dubbin 100ml

1x Saphir Black Deluxe Shoe Polish

1x Saphir Medium Brown Deluxe Shoe Polish

1x Saphir Navy Blue Deluxe Shoe Polish

1x Saphir Bordeaux Deluxe Shoe Polish

1x Saphir Welt Brush

1x Small White Shoe Shine Brush

1x Famaco Suede Cleaner

1x Saphir Crepe and Nylon Suede Brush

1x Saphir Brass Suede Brush

1x Famaco Suede Cleaner

Width: 34cm

Height: 16cm

Depth: 23cm

Weight: 4.95kg

Colour: Dark brown

Material: Varnished beechwood

Fasteners: Magnets

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1 review(s) for this product

By Andrew J.  on 01/25/2016
Gorgeous product

Very pleased with my new investment. From the box to the contents, I highly recommend this to anyone who needs a good shoe shine kit.

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