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Renovators for suede shoes, in spray of liquid form, according to the level of wear and tear of your shoes. The renovator spray is suitable for slight colour loss while the liquid renovator is designed for shoes that require a more complete colour restoration. The suede renovator carries out several essential functions for the upkeep of suede shoes. On the one hand, they recolour suede that has lost its colour. On the other hand, they waterproof the suede to protect it against the effects of ageing and bad weather. Give your suede shoes a complete care treatment on a regular basis to significantly increase their useful life. The suede renovators exist in a wide variety of colours such as black, neutral and various shades of brown.


  • Famaco Renovator

    The renovator by the Famaco brand comes in a wide range of colours for the upkeep of suede shoes. This product is to suede what a shoe cream is to leather, this all-in-one care is a leading product that cleans, hydrates and softens suede and nubuck shoes. The suede renovator also re-tints any faded or scuffed areas and renew the colour intensity of your shoes. Apart from its hydrating and colouring properties, the renovator protects the suede against grease stains, moisture and dirt. Use it during your regular suede care in order to preserve its natural beauty and to slow down the aging process.

  • Saphir Renovator

    The Saphir range of renovators features neutral, black and many others colours for your suede care treatment. The Saphir Renovetine suede was formulated using French expertise and is well-known by leather shoe care professionals and amateurs who both recommend this product for its high performance when it comes to suede care. The almond oil contained in this spray deeply nourishes the suede and helps preserve the condition of the suede and prevent dry patches and creases from forming. In addition, this suede renovator is very useful for reviving the colour intensity of your shoes and even recoloring faded out areas to restore their original look.

  • Liquid Renovator Famaco

    The Famaco range of liquid renovators features many different colours for the upkeep of suede and nubuck leather. The suede liquid renovator is intended for regular use to protect the leather against grease stains and moisture and prevent dry patches from appearing in order to preserve its natural and original beauty. The renovator comes in a liquid formula more effective when you need to revive the colour. The built-in applicator sponge helps you to concentrate the product on a precise area.

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