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How to repair and restore your car's leather?

Driving a car with leather interiors offers an incomparable driving experience.
Over time, these elegant seats can show signs of wear. That's where our leather car repair products come in, allowing you to restore your interior to its original splendour.
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Why choose car leather repair?

Car leather repair is an essential task for preserving the aesthetics and durability of your vehicle's interior.

Whether it's to treat scratches, cracks or tears, this article will guide you through the steps required to restore your car's leather. Restoration is the process of bringing your car's leather back to its original shine.

Leather car seats can suffer from a variety of problems such as tears, scratches or discolouration from daily wear and tear.

Our specialist repair kits, combined with our expertise, offer you a complete solution for restoring the appearance of your leather seats.

Our tips for bringing your car's leather seats and interior back to life. All the products used are available at the end of the article.

Clean leather upholstery

Before repairing car seat leather

Always start car leather restoration by cleaning. This step removes dirt from the surface to be repaired.

We recommend using a car leather cleaning product in foam form. For example, Bōme cleaning and descaling foam. This foam quickly dissolves dirt and leaves a clean leather. There's no need to rinse, just wipe off the excess with a microfibre towel.

The surface to be repaired is clean and bare. The leather seat is ready to receive the care needed for a successful leather restoration.

Clean leather upholstery

Repairing leather on car seats

Repairing leather is a more complex task. It is carried out in several stages, using different techniques depending on the professional.
If your leather is torn or has deep scratches, we recommend using a patching product. This is often in the form of a colourless paste. It slips into the scratches to level the leather. Repair products can be used to repair an open tear or close a clean cut in the leather.

They limit the degradation of the leather by quickly repairing the tear.

Here are the main steps
1. Mix the paste and the renovating milk of your choice.
2. On clean leather, apply the paste and milk mixture to fill in the scratches.
3. Leave to dry until the paste hardens.
4. Apply a coat of renovation milk over the whole area to harmonise the final look.

This repair can be carried out by a professional, depending on the condition of the torn leather.

We recommend applying a Bōme protective gel to ensure durability and preserve the new appearance of your leather seats.

In the event of major damage, we recommend that you contact a garage that can take care of your car seats. These professionals will be able to draw up an estimate and take care of the leather repairs.

repair leather upholstery

To restore the colour of your car seats

Get your car's leather interior back to like-new condition by carrying out leather restoration. This is the car leather renovation stage which allows you to recover the original colour.

To do this, you need to apply Bōme renovation milk to clean leather seats. The renovation milk contains pigments and oil to nourish the leather. The pigments are absorbed by the car seat leather.

Using the renovation milk on car leather does not leave a greasy or sticky finish. Combined with the protective gel, you won't get any colour transfer.

Simply apply with a chamois cloth, making small circles on the leather. We don't recommend using a sponge, which will absorb the product rather than spreading it over the car leather. We advise you to make a single pass over the area to avoid saturating the leather.

Once the leather has been treated, the colour will be harmonious throughout the car upholstery.

repair leather upholstery

Car upholstery care tips

To prolong the life of your leather seats after leather restoration, it is essential to adopt good maintenance practices. We recommend maintaining your car upholstery once a month.

To do this, consult our lesson on "cleaning and protecting your leather car upholstery".

Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, use suitable care products and clean regularly to prevent dirt build-up.

In conclusion, give your vehicle the love it deserves by opting for our car leather repair service. Rediscover the original comfort and aesthetics of your car's interior with our specialist solutions.

Clean leather upholstery

Getting started with car leather restoration

Repairing your car's leather may seem daunting, but by following these simple steps, you can effectively restore its appearance. Restoration increases the durability of your car's interior.

Remember to choose high-quality repair products and take the time needed to achieve optimum results. With regular maintenance, you can enjoy a leather car interior that remains stylish and hard-wearing over time.

Clean leather upholstery

Your personalised diagnosis

Our team is on hand to offer you personalised advice. We are available by message via our form or our chat.

You can send us photos of your car seats so that we can guide you towards the right products.

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