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Cleaning and protecting your leather steering wheel.

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We love the leather steering wheel in our clean car!
But when you handle it too much, it gets dirty and sticky. Find out all the tips you need to clean it quickly.
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Why clean your leather steering wheel? And how often?

Leather steering wheels are very common in the automotive world. In addition to the steering wheel, leather is used in all car upholstery. However, with repeated use, it becomes sticky and sticky. In some cases, bacterial nests can form.

So it's important to clean it regularly to prevent bacteria and change the feel of the leather.

To avoid this, you need to clean your steering wheel with suitable solvent-free products. Bōme's foam and gel cleansers are ideal for this purpose. We explain how to use them and how to optimise the results.

We recommend cleaning your steering wheel once a month. This is the recommended frequency for the rest of your car upholstery, including the dashboard. If you don't have the time, we recommend at least 4 times a year.

Clean and protect your leather upholstery car

What materials should I use to clean my car steering wheel?

To clean your leather steering wheel, we advise against using products containing solvents. Products containing solvents are often very harsh on leather. They can alter the feel, dry it out and even deteriorate the colour.

The products featured in this article are made in France and tested in our workshop to ensure the best possible results. The formulas are based on natural active ingredients and contain no solvents. The products can be used to clean beige, brown and black car leather. They do not change the colour of the car upholstery.

To clean your steering wheel, we recommend you use our complete car upholstery maintenance kit. Depending on the colour of your steering wheel, you can also use the renovation milk.

Care kit for leather upholstery car

Step 1: Prepare and clean the steering wheel

This step is the most important for a like-new steering wheel! It will restore the original feel and shine of your steering wheel.

Apply the cleaning gel to the chamois cloth, then rub the steering wheel. The dirt will dissolve as the gel passes over it and be captured by the chamois. You'll see your microfibre cloth darken with each wipe.

You can use this cleaning product several times without damaging the leather. We even recommend that you do this if this is the first time you've cleaned your steering wheel. You can do this until you obtain an almost white chamois.

Once the chamois is almost white, you can consider cleaning the steering wheel complete. The leather is exposed and fragile to external attack.

Clean and protect your leather upholstery car

Remove stubborn stains from your steering wheel

To remove stubborn stains, we recommend that you use a cleaning foam. It helps to unclog the pores of the leather. It thoroughly removes dirt and stains embedded in the leather.

To apply, spray a few drops onto the cleaning brush and rub vigorously over the steering wheel. Repeat until you obtain a white foam.

The foam mixes with the dirt and turns grey during cleaning.

Bōme car upholstery cleaning foam does not require rinsing. Excess product can be wiped off with a microfibre towel.

Clean and protect your leather upholstery car

Step 2: Refurbish the leather steering wheel

This step is optional. It allows you to re-colour the leather if the colour is dull or has faded. It can be applied to the entire steering wheel with no risk of transfer if you follow the steps carefully.

Apply the coloured renovation milk to the clean leather using a chamois cloth. A dab of product will cover a large area. We advise you to work in gradually, as the product is very pigmented.

Once you've covered the entire steering wheel with the product. It is essential to wipe off any excess with the protective gel.

Clean and protect your leather upholstery car

Step 3: Protect your leather steering wheel

This is the final step in cleaning your leather steering wheel. Don't skip this step as it is essential to prolong the cleaning of your steering wheel.

The protective gel protects your steering wheel from external aggression and moisture. This prevents it from quickly becoming sticky again. It leaves an invisible protective film on the steering wheel.

What's more, it doesn't make the steering wheel sticky.

At the same time, if you've had a renovation, it prevents the colours from transferring to your skin.

Clean and protect your leather upholstery car

At Monsieur Chaussure, we're with you every step of the way

Our team is on hand to give you personalised advice on the care of your steering wheels and car upholstery. We'll help you find the right products for all types of leather, even alcantara.

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