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Renovating and protecting your leather steering wheel.

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Is the leather on your steering wheel worn? Our solutions!
Discover all our tips for enjoying the colour of your leather steering wheel for as long as possible.
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Keep your steering wheel colour for a long time

Your car's leather steering wheel, while elegant and comfortable, is often exposed to wear and tear. Wear is caused by a number of factors, including the sun, sweat and ambient air.

To prolong its life and prevent it from deteriorating, regular renovation is necessary. Mister Shoe's advice: prolong the effect of renovation with regular maintenance.

For any tears or cuts in the leather, we recommend that you contact a garage. He will be able to repair the leather on your steering wheel. Here's how to renovate your leather steering wheel in 3 easy steps.

Clean and protect your car’s upholstery

Step 1: Prepare the leather steering wheel

Before you start renovating your leather steering wheel, it's crucial to prepare the surface properly. Preparing the leather steering wheel is essential to the success of your renovation project.

This step guarantees optimum adhesion of the renovation products and an impeccable final result. Make sure you remove all surface dirt by dusting the steering wheel. Continue with leather cleaning products.

For example, Bōme Car Upholstery Cleaning Gel to remove dirt more thoroughly. The leather needs to be stripped bare and clean before moving on to refurbishment.

If your steering wheel is very dirty, you can use the descaling foam. Make sure you cover every centimetre, paying particular attention to areas with traces of varnish or glue.

There's no need to use sandpaper to get a smooth surface. It will damage the material.

By removing dirt residues and creating a smooth surface, you make it easier to apply renovation products. You maximise their effects. Take the time to prepare your steering wheel properly before moving on to the next step for optimum results.

Clean and protect your car’s upholstery

Step 2: Renovate the colour of the steering wheel

Once your leather steering wheel is clean and dry, it's time to move on to the renovation stage. Imperfections can not only alter the appearance of the steering wheel.

Use Bōme's coloured renovation milk, specially formulated for leather, to revive the original colour. We have a wide selection of colours to match the leather of your steering wheel, even black leather. Place a dab of product on a clean chamois, and apply directly to the leather in circles. Make sure you cover every imperfection and discoloured area evenly.

You can apply two coats, but be careful not to saturate the leather.
For best results, the renovation milk should match the colour of your leather steering wheel. The pigments will cover the damaged areas.

Once the renovation milk has been applied evenly, you need to apply a protective gel to remove any excess. Applying the protector will prevent colour transfer.

Repairing damage is an essential step in restoring beauty, giving it a new lease of life.

Clean and protect your car’s upholstery

Step 3: Protect the leather steering wheel

Once the necessary repairs have been carried out, it's time to protect and preserve the beauty of your leather steering wheel. This step is essential to prolong the durability of the renovation and ensure effective protection. It provides protection against external aggressions such as sweat, UV rays and repeated rubbing.

Use Bōme Protective Gel, specially designed for leather, to create a long-lasting protective barrier. It is colourless so as not to alter the aesthetic appearance of the leather. What's more, it preserves the integrity of the leather and extends its life.

Apply the protective gel to a chamois cloth, then spread the product over the leather steering wheel. For best results, apply evenly over the entire surface.

Take a look at our tutorial for a visual demonstration of each stage in the renovation process.

Clean and protect your car’s upholstery


Thanks to Bōme products for car upholstery, renovating your leather steering wheel is now within reach. Enjoy a pleasant driving sensation and rediscover the original beauty of your car's interior, step by step.

Renovation gives new life to your car's leather steering wheel.

If you need help renovating your leather steering wheel, contact us today. You'll benefit from personalised advice from our experts.

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