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Leather & Suede Shoe Care Kit
  • Leather & Suede Shoe Care Kit
  • Leather & Suede Shoe Care Kit

Leather & Suede Shoe Care Kit

Complete care kit containing 13 pieces of the best products selected by our workshop manager to carry out a complete, meticulous and careful maintenance of leather and suede or nubuck shoes. All the products in the kit are made in France. Details

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How to use this product.

Allows you to carry out the complete care of leather and suede by following each step detailed by the founder Monsieur Chaussure in the associated video tips. To improve the quality of shoe care, shoes should be placed under shoe trees, preferably of red cedar, to keep them in shape and dry.

A perfect gift for yourself or for any shoe lover. This kit can be completed with the Monsieur Chaussure waterproofing spray for the care of suede to protect the suede longer and for the leather of the creams and coloured pares of your shoes.

In the leather and suede care kit, you will find:

- The white scraper to start all the maintenance of your leather or suede shoes in order to remove the dust accumulated on your shoes.
- The Monsieur Chaussure chamois to apply all the leather care products with precision and delicacy.
- The cleaning milk, the essential ally loved by our customers to remove the old layers of shoe polish from the leather.
- The colourless shoe polish cream is suitable for all shades of shoes. It allows to nourish the leather in depth to fight against its fast drying and thus to increase the conservation.
- The yellow wax polishing paste brings shine to the whole shoe under the effect of the shining brush and intensifies the nuances of all the colours of your shoes.
- The palot brush, like the chamois brush, allows you to gently apply your polishing products to your smooth leather.
- The welt brush to maintain the hairy thread of your shoes.
- The buffing brush, to be used as a last step in leather maintenance to shine the leather and make the shoe look like new.
- The suede cleaning spray for deep cleaning on suede combined with the scraper brush.
- The crepe brush to polish certain parts of your suede shoes that mark easily, such as the tongue or the heel with the friction of trousers.
- The brass brush to find the velvet touch of the suede.
- The colourless renovator compatible with all the colours of your shoes to nourish and protect before waterproofing your shoes.

Storage advice: to avoid losing a product, the Monsieur Chaussure teams advise storing them in a box. The box offers optimal storage conditions because it protects them from heat and humidity.


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Leather & Suede Shoe Care Kit.

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Leather & Suede Shoe Care Kit

The Leather & Suede Shoe Care Kit for enthusiasts of shoe care who appreciate the pleasure of the leather and suede care ritual.

The Leather & Suede Shoe Care Kit contains the full best care products to clean, care and protect your leather and suede shoes. This care kit is the perfect gift idea for anyone who loves beautiful shoes and who would like to care leather and suede shoes. Whatever the colour of the leather or suede to be maintained, these products are neutral-coloured to suit any leather and suede colour. The kit is made up of all products for the complete upkeep of your shoes.

- The white shoe cleaning brush is used to gets rid of dust as a first step in leather care

- The leather cleaner is a key product for your shoes: it strips the leather down to remove dust as well as any residual shoe polish

- The neutral shoe cream helps to intensely nourish and protect the leather from drying out

- The cotton polishing cloth is used to dust the leather and for the gentle application of your products

- The beeswax yellow shoe polish restores a long-lasting shine on your leather shoes

- The two shoe daubers is used to apply your shoe cream

- The welts brush for cleaning and applying care products to the wax stitching of your shoes

- The shoe shine brush helps you conclude your leather care by creating a brilliant shine on your leather shoes

This kit also contains accessories and products to care the suede and nubuck:

- The suede cleaner spray to dust and clean the suede smoothly

- The crepe suede brush to dull the suede

- The brass suede brush for brushing for suede

- The neutral suede renovator to nourish and protect all colors of suede and nubuck

This kit is the most complete of the collection Monsieur Chaussure and contains products and accessories made in France.

Keep your shoe care products in a cool and dry room to keep them in good condition over time.
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