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Care Products

Leather cleaner, stain remover, shoe cream, shoe polish and waterproofing products. These shoe care products are numerous and specific, but above all, they are necessary for taking care of your shoes. The longevity and the upkeep of a pair of shoes depends on the care given to the leather and on the way this care is carried out. It also depends on finding the right balance between the quality and quantity of care treatments provided. It is recommended that you first identify the type of leather finish that you want, as well as the steps that need to be undertaken to determine which products are required for proper shoe care.


  • Smooth Leather

    The smooth leather is the most widely used primary material in the manufacture of shoes and of leather goods. It is used for the majority of what are known as “dress shoes”, and is a favourite among shoe lovers because of its classic and elegant appearance. Furthermore, smooth leather comes in various types with certain distinctive characteristics such as the degree of shine, the grain, the finish, the texture and the quality. Leather is first and foremost, a fine material that requires overall maintaining on a regular basis with high-quality products in order to guarantee a long useful life. Here you will find all of the main products necessary for proper leather care.

  • Patent Leather

    Patent leather is easily recognizable to the touch as well as by its plasticized appearance. It also carries a characteristically high-gloss shine that is commonly found on women’s articles. Patent leather is produced by a applying a surface treatment to leather which fills its pores and provides a virtually impenetrable waterproof layer. To take care of your patent leather shoes, particular attention is paid to the shiny surface layer since it can become stiff and develop irreversible cracks and creases due to age and wear and tear. To protect your shoes against these alterations, it is important to clean and soften the leather’s surface on a regular basis.

  • Oiled Leather

    Oiled leather is a very thick leather with a flexible texture due to the oil or grease used in its production. This ensures the best waterproof protection for the leather. The strength and long-lasting character of this type of leather make it the perfect material for producing shoes designed for the great outdoors. Oiled leather is used in the manufacture of shoes and even clothing associated with outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting, horse-riding and sailing. This type of leather requires occasional care to prevent it from drying out prematurely. This helps to preserve your oiled leather shoes and ensure a long useful life.

  • Reptile Leather

    Reptile or scaled leather such as crocodile leather, snakeskin, and lizard leather are among the most exquisite and delicate leather types. Working with these materials requires specialized knowledge. Their rarity makes them prestigious, fragile and very expensive materials that need the most attentive care to preserve them over time. Before starting a care treatment, it is essential to clean the scales as they normally accumulate dust. Afterwards, the leather must be hydrated to prevent it from drying out and cracking. This is done with products designed for these particular leather types to prevent any risk of damaging or them.

  • Cordovan Leather

    Cordovan leather is the term that refers to the hide from the horse’s rump. This type of leather originated in Cordoba, Spain. It is also the name of a specific leather colour resembling a dark Bordeaux wine. The uniqueness of Cordovan leather lies in its particular tanning process which produces a wide variety of favourable properties relating to its strength, quality, shine and suppleness. The choice of leather for shoes is above all a question of taste. Cordovan leather has earned itself an outstanding reputation and guarantees an impeccable finish and unparalleled durability for your shoes.

  • Multi-Textile

    Shoes that are made with multiple textiles require special attention as well as certain precautions when it comes to their upkeep. When there is a combination of materials, such as smooth leather, patent leather, oiled leather or chamois leather to name a few, maintaining shoes becomes more complex and requires the use of specific products to avoid altering one of the materials. It is also tricky to evenly nourish, maintain and protect the pair of shoes. These products are also ideal for the care of sneakers or tennis shoes which are often made with different materials, including leather, canvas and nubuck.

  • Textile

    Shoes made of canvas or textiles are more often worn during the summer season since they are lighter and more pleasant to wear in warmer temperatures than leather shoes. Canvas is a very popular material that is often featured on our favourite sneakers and tennis shoes. As such, this type of footwear requires careful upkeep, especially since they tend to wear out more quickly due to regular use and less frequent care. As for shoes made of leather or suede, there are products that are specially formulated the cleaning, stain removal and colour revival of these shoes. They give the shoes a new life and restore their original beauty.

  • Stain Removal

    To remove stains from a pair of shoes, you first need to identify the type of stain in order to determine whether a complete shoe care treatment will solve the problem. Before any type of action is taken, it is necessary to remove the dust from your shoe so that the stain remover can penetrate the leather enough to have its maximum effect. Test the product beforehand on a small, hidden area of the shoe to ensure that it suitable and that it reacts well. The stain removers are intended for occasional use and must be handled with care and used sparingly as the substances they contain are harsher than in leather cleaners.

  • Cleaner

    Before carrying out a complete shoe care treatment, the cleaning stage is a necessary step that must be taken no matter the type of leather. Cleaning the leather helps to preserve its original properties. The leather has to be stripped before proceeding to the nourishing and hydrating phase involving shoe creams. A perfect clean consists of dusting the leather to remove all traces of dirt, light scuffs and scratches and, especially, old layers of polish. This will unclog the pores of the leather and allow it to breathe. The cleaning stage should never involve products that are harsh or damaging to the leather.

  • Hydrating and Recoloring

    Nourishing leather is an essential step in any leather care process as it guarantees a longer useful life for your shoes and restores their attractive finish. Nourishing and softening products such as shoes creams are highly effective in preserving and protecting the leather against drying out, moisture and potential cracks and creases. Remember to treat the specific areas of the shoe, such as the tongue, sole and heel, as they tend to be neglected. Along with their strong hydrating properties, these products are made to revive and sustain the colour of the leather in order to restore the original appearance of your shoes.

  • Softener

    Softening leather ensures that it is relaxed enough to improve foot comfort. You can either soften the leather of the entire shoe or target specific areas of the shoe in order to get increased walking comfort and adapt the leather to any imperfections on your feet, including the larger of the two feet, or deformities which cause foot pain. This range of products is designed to soften leather and counteracts the stiffness typical of a new pair of shoes. The shoe stretcher works to provide a bit of extra space inside your leather shoes so that they can be worn with greater comfort. These treatments slightly modify the shape of your shoes without altering their appearance or colour.

  • Repair

    Repairing shoes is a process involving the use of specially-formulated products that hide or camouflage imperfections on the leather caused by wear and tear as well as impact. These products are therefore effective in covering any irregularities on the leather. After cleaning the shoes, specialised products such as renovators and high pigment wax colours are applied to protect the fragile areas and intensely recolour any type of leather that has become dull or badly damaged. These products restore the leather’s original attractiveness. It is essential to complete this process with a complete care treatment to nourish the leather.

  • Shining

    Leather shining constitutes the final stage of the general leather care process as it not only brings out and maintains the full beauty of the leather, but also provides long-lasting protection. Shoe polishes are essential products when it comes to achieving a brilliant shine. They are enriched with a high beeswax content which gives an intense and natural shine to the leather and forms a protective layer on its surface to preserve its beauty for longer. This stage of leather care also reveals the aesthetic qualities of your shoes by reviving the leather’s colour, creating undertones or intensifying the tint.

  • Waterproofing

    Waterproofing is the final stage of any complete leather care treatment and involves the creation of a protective film over the shoe to protect it against moisture, water and protect against stains. This stage of finishing work is essential for any type of chamois leather such as suede and nubuck since it absorbs moisture and water more easily and is therefore more prone to damage. Waterproofing products must be used more frequently on these types of materials than on regular leather. Waterproofing provides protection for your shoes, helps to preserve their original appearance for longer and increases their useful life.

  • Bama

    Bama is a German brand that was created in 1914. The company began by specialising in the area of improved foot comfort with the creation of inner soles for shoes. This quest for comfort continues to be the primary goal of the Bama brand, but they have also developed a wide range of modern and innovative products designed to increase the useful life and the performance of any pair of shoes. With its collection of leather cleaners, waterproofing products, renovators and shoe creams, Bama offers a number of products specially formulated to enhance and preserve your leather shoes.

  • Famaco

    Famaco is a French, family-run company with a know-how and experience that are recognised well beyond its national borders by the entire shoemaking and leather goods industries. This brand offers one of the largest and most complete product catalogues in its market sector and has never ceased to renew it. Famaco is also one of the only companies to offer a highly unique palette of shoe creams featuring more than one hundred colours. The company has been successful in winning the hearts of lovers of fine shoes, who place their full trust in this brand for the care and protection of their favourite pairs of leather shoes.

  • Grison

    Grison was created in 1847 in Paris and is a brand which represents tradition and know-how in the specialised field of leather care. This company constantly strives to improve and adapt its range of products taking into the account the latest research, innovations and developments on the market. Grison offers a vast catalogue of excellent products recognized by a large number of leather professionals as it guarantees a certain quality of leather care. Its non-abrasive formulae enable you to carry out a complete leather care treatment on all of your leather items to preserve their beauty and shine.

  • Saphir

    Saphir is a traditional, French-made brand that was created in 1977 and that possesses a know-how and expertise in leather care which are recognized across the globe by shoe specialists. Its complete range of care products provides a solution for every possible shoe care need. For years, the Saphir brand has been associated with high quality and tradition. The company strives to create products that are best-suited to the noblest of materials: leather. In this context, they have come up with a number of flagship products for which their brand is best-known, such as the superfine shoe cream or the multi-purpose leather cleaner.

  • Saphir Medaille d'Or

    The Saphir Medaille d’Or brand is the perfect incarnation of French prestige and luxury. It offers exceptional products recognized the world over by high-end shoe and leather goods experts for its superior quality and many advantages. From the cleaning phase to the nourishing and waterproofing phases, Saphir Medaille d’Or offers high-performance shoe creams and deluxe shoe polishes as well as a wide variety of specialised products that cater to the needs of your most beautiful leather shoes. These high-pigment products also have excellent colouring properties for reviving the colour of your shoes so that you can preserve their beauty for the longest possible time.

  • Shoe-Eze

    The Shoe-Eze brand was created in Germany for feet comfort over forty years ago. Having been acquired by Avel and used under the Saphir brand, the Shoe-Eze continues to be a leading products for softening the stiff leather that is typical of newly-purchased shoes, and for preventing foot pain that makes walking uncomfortable. This product is quite often used in a spray form by shoe repair professionals and shoemakers in combination with shoe stretchers used on leather, suede or other materials. The spray helps to adjust the leather to the desired size, without becoming slumped, creating stains or altering its original appearance.

  • Deodorizer

    Deodorizing the interior of shoes is achieved by restoring the freshness of the inner soles of your shoes. It also entails fighting off the formation of mildew and bacteria that are brought on by moisture and perspiration, and which cause the spread of the unpleasant odours. Whether it be a pair of leather shoes, sneakers, sports shoes or canvas shoes, the spray deodorizers will eliminate unpleasant odours in any shoe interior for optimal and long-lasting results. To preserve the freshness of the shoe and neutralise its odours, you can re-use the deodorizing spray as often as necessary.

  • Color Remover

    Colour removal is a procedure aimed at restoring the new look of shoes by recolouring them, either because they have been neglected, or when you want to create your own shoe patina or change the existing shoe colour. It consists of stripping the colour from the leather in order to remove all its impurities as well as any previous layers of shoe polish. The colour remover thus paves the way for the next phase involving a shoe dye so that the pigments in the dye can properly penetrate the leather. Colour removal on leather shoes is a tedious and time-consuming procedure requiring several successive layers of shoe dye for optimal results.

  • Glacage

    The glossing technique, also known as “glacage”, produces an impeccable mirror shine resembling the patent leather finish in order to maximise the shine and bring out the depth of the shoe patina. It is common to carry out a glacage only on the tips and heels of shoes and to avoid creased areas in order to maintain the useful life of the shoes. To carry out a glacage, dampen a soft cotton cloth in warm water, dip it slightly into the polish paste, apply the polish to the shoe using a small, concentric motion and gently rub the leather until you obtain a mirror shine. We recommend that you have a look at the shoe polishing lesson on glacage to learn more about this special technique.

  • Dyeing

    Shoe dyeing is a procedure used for creating a patina, for changing the colour of the leather or for renovating heavily damaged, colour-faded shoes. The first step involves the deep cleaning of the leather. When this is done, the colour has to be removed so that the dye can properly penetrate the leather. Any areas not to be dyed, such as the sole or the heel, must be covered. A brush should be used to apply the dye and any excess product should be removed with a polishing cloth. Towards the end of the process, apply a shoe polish in the same colour as the dye to soften the leather and reinforce its tint, and shine the shoes with a soft cloth.

  • Suede & Nubuck

    Chamois leather types such as suede and nubuck are similar to smooth leather and are quite commonly used for what are referred to as “dress shoes”. Suede shoes are no more fragile that smooth leather shoes. They simply require a different type of care. As for any type of hide, chamois leather types require particular and delicate care. Normally, the process begins with a prior suede cleaning in order to eliminate any dust and dirt from the leather’s pores. The next step involves reviving the leather’s colour, followed by the rehydrating phase using a special spray such as the suede renovator. We recommend taking regular care of your suede items to ensure a long useful life.

  • Special Leather

    Care products for cleaning, removing stains, nourishing, repairing, shining and protecting your shoes made of specific leather suck as lamnskin, nappa, or metallic, pearly, delicate leather. It is more common to use leather cleaners and shoe polish when taking care of shoes but it is necessary to use specialised products for the upkeep of some special leathers. In this category, you can find all of the products formulated for cleaning and caring for all specific leather.

  • Monsieur Chaussure

    The Monsieur Chaussure line of products has been carefully developed with French leather and shoe specialists. To live up to the quality standards that Monsieur Chaussure has imposed on itself since its creation, production is optimized with no middlemen in order to guarantee the best value for money as the product catalogue expands. Monsieur Chaussure offers a set of accessories and must-have care products formulated for the upkeep and protection of all shoes.

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