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Glacage and Patina Design

A selection of products from the most exquisite brands specifically designed for obtaining a patina or a mirror shine, also known as a “glacage”. Shoe lovers are very keen on personalising their shoes, and usually do so by creating a patina or a glacage. Monsieur Chaussure offers you all the necessary products for achieving this kind of personalised finish without any risk of damaging your shoes. You will find colour removers for your shoes, as well as numerous shoe dye colours for creating the most beautiful patina designs, as well as the best glacage shoe polishes for an impeccable shine. To use these products and obtain optimal results, have a look at the shoe polishing lessons from our shoemakers.


  • Colour Remover

    Colour removal or pre-dyeing leather preparation. To create a shoe patina, you must start by removing the colour. This is the most delicate step in the process since this is the moment when the leather runs the risk of getting damaged. Monsieur Chaussure has selected some colour removers to help you with this step, without any risk of altering your shoes or boots. The colour removers from the Saphir and Famaco brands are slightly less potent than a professional colour remover and allow you to lift the colour away gradually. Have a look at the lessons on patinas before using these products.

  • Dye

    Base shoe dyes for creating patina designs or for high pigment recolouring of shoes made of leather, nubuck, suede and calfskin. After you have finished removing the colour from your shoes, you can move on to the more artistic stage of creating a shoe patina: applying the dye. To assist you with this stage, we offer a selection of highly penetrative shoe dyes that are made to last over time. Among these products you will find the famous Teinture Francaise shoe dyes from the Saphir brand in all the colours produced by the Avel Company. Have a look at the lessons on shoe patinas to learn how to use these shoe dyes and mix colours.

  • Shoe Polish for Mirror...

    Specially formulated deluxe shoe polish paste for shining your favourite shoes and for easier mirror shining. There are several types of shoe polish starting with the most basic, which is used for waterproofing shoes after a complete leather care treatment, to the more complex ones used for obtaining a fabulous mirror shine or “glacage” effect. These products have been tested by the Monsieur Chaussure shoemakers as well as by professionals at the major shoe companies. These polish pastes are generally softer than the standard pastes and protect the glacage finish against cracks that tend to develop over time. Have a look at the shoe polishing lessons to learn how best to use these polish pastes.

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