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 Shoe Care <span class='big'>Guide</span>

Shoe Care Guide


The Saphir shoe dye comes in many different colours to deeply dye all your leather items. Suitable for all types of smooth leather, suede and nubuck, the Saphir Shoe dye is a must have product that restores your shoes or your boots to looking as good as new. The result is perfectly uniform and natural although your shoes will have a whole new look. The Saphir dye is also highly-recommended by shoe care experts to create your own beautiful patina and imitate the look of worn leather shoes. Once you are satisfied with the overall results, you need to finish your leather care with a great hydration in order to nourish and soften the leather.


  • Dye 500ml

    The base shoe dyes 500ml comes in a variety of colours. This large-sized bottle is an economical choice that contains enough product for dyeing large leather items. The famous Teinture Francaise shoe dye by Saphir is a flagship product for high pigment recoloring of leather to restore its brand new look or providing a wide range of possibilities for personalising leather items. This dye is particularly popular among leather care experts and lovers of fine leather not only because it is easy to use, but also because it works beautifully on any type of leather. The dye is also ideal for creating your very own patina that imitates the effects of time on a leather colour.

  • Dye 50ml

    Saphir Teinture Française shoe dye comes in a wide range of colours and  allows to create your very own kind pair of shoes  to your liking  by adding your own unique twist of colour. The 50ml bottle is suitable for dying one pair of shoes and comes with a plastic pair of gloves to protect your hands and a cotton applicator baton. You first need to strip the shoes from as much shoe polish as possible before dying the leather, and to finish with a shoe polish cream over the top of the new colour to seal it into the pores of the leather.

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