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Leather Care

Care products for leather shoes including cleaners, waterproofers, polishes, shining products, dubbin grease, dry stain removers, sponges and dyes. Here, you will find a selection of products that have been tested and approved by the Monsieur Chaussure shoe experts. All of these shoe care products are not considered to be shoe polishes, but are rather complementary products for cleaning, nourishing and removing stains from your leather shoes. Each of these products has been created for a specific task. See the shoe polishing lessons to learn how to make the best use of these products.


  • Leather Cleaners

    Leather cleaners for shoes, clothing, bags, furniture and other leather-made items. This category of leather cleaners has for a long time been dominated by the Saphir multi-purpose leather cleaner but has now expanded to include new and highly effective products such as the Famaco leather cleaner. Our selection evolves every year to include new products and retain older classics such as the Grison leather cleaner. The leather cleaner is a very important part of the shoe care process since it cleans the leathers in preparation for the next phase involving a shoe cream. See the shoe polishing lessons to learn how to make the best use of this shoe cleaning product.

  • Stain Removers

    Stain removers specially formulated for leather. Removes all types of stains without damaging the leather. These products have been developed by the major shoe care companies such as Saphir and Famaco to remove stains from shoe leather without harming or altering the colour. Each of these products must be used for a specific task, whether it involves cleaning a water stain, cleaning a grease stain, removing snow marks etc. For best results see the shoe polishing lessons created by Monsieur Chaussure’s shoemakers. The stain remover for leather shoes is a harsher product than the leather cleaner and must therefore be used with caution.

  • Patent Leather Care

    Care products for patent leather shoes including cleaners, colour revivers, care creams, cleaning lotions and Saphir Vernis Rife polishes. Patent leather is a particularly complex and delicate type of leather to maintain. Its composition does not allow the regular smooth leather care products to penetrate its surface. You must therefore use products specifically created for the upkeep of patent leather shoes. In this category of products, you will find products for cleaning patent leather shoes and shining them. Take a look at the shoe polishing lesson created specifically for patent leather shoes to learn how to make the best use of these products.

  • Oiled Leather Care

    Care products for oiled leather including the Graisse Le Phoque dubbin and the Le Phoque essential oil spray. Oiled leather are among the easiest leather type to maintain. To transform normal leather into oiled leather, it is saturated with a grease to make it highly resistant to the elements or bad weather. However, it must be regularly cared for in order to maintain the levels of grease. In this category, you will find all the necessary product for the upkeep of oiled leather shoes such as the Graisse Le Phoque dubbin and other essential oils. To obtain the best results, see the shoe polishing lessons regarding the special care requirements for oiled leather.

  • Reptile Leather Care

    Care products for cleaning, removing stains, protecting, nourishing, recolouring, renovating and shining reptile leather shoes. Reptile leather such as crocodile leather is quite particular and requires its own special set of care products. As they are most often fragile in comparison to other types of leather, you must absolutely use products in this category as they are formulated for exclusive use on reptile leather. Using regular leather care products will damage your shoes. Here you will find products for cleaning, shining and caring for reptile leather. See the shoe polishing lessons created by Monsieur Chaussure’s shoemakers to learn how to use of these specific care products.

  • Cordovan Leather Care

    Cordovan is a type of leather that has particular qualities. It is extremely strong, very supple and has very tight pores. Monsieur Chaussure offers care products that have been developed specifically for protecting and nourishing cordovan leather. The major shoe care companies have come up with several shoe polish formulae for the care of cordovan leather shoes. Whether it be the Saphir Medaille d’Or or the Famaco brand, here you will find products available in a range of colours for cleaning, nourishing and shining your favourite cordovan leather shoes. Have a look at the shoe polishing lessons for cordovan leather care to learn how to make the best use of these special products.

  • Special Leathers Care

    Care products for cleaning, removing stains, nourishing, repairing, shining and protecting your shoes made of specific leather suck as lamnskin, nappa, or metallic, pearly, delicate leather. It is more common to use leather cleaners and shoe polish when taking care of shoes but it is sometimes necessary to use more specialised products for the upkeep of some special leathers. In this category, you can find all of the products specifically formulated for cleaning and caring for all specific leather.

  • Saphir Juvacuir...

    This Recolorant Juvacuir allows you to repigment smooth leathers such as jackets, leather goods or shoes. Its fluid composition does not require a fixative to avoid the risk of color transfer. Thanks to its covering pigments, the color obtained is homogeneous and does not fade when rubbed or in contact with water. After application the leather has a glossy surface. This product should not be used on leather that you wish to keep matt.

  • Saphir Renovating Cream

    The Saphir renovating cream intensely recolours leather that has been scuffed badly enough to have lost its colour. This very silky cream is intended for occasional colour touch-ups in very specific areas and for protecting exposed areas of the leather on your shoes, jackets or other leather articles. Its recolouring properties are so strong that only a small amount of the product is needed with each use to restore a protective layer over the leather that will keep out moisture and dirt. This renovating cream comes in the same 45 hues as the Saphir superfine shoe creams to ensure a perfect colour match for your shoes.

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