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Shoe Polish

High-quality shoe polishes from the WOLY, SAPHIR and FAMACO brands, available in a wide variety of colours. Our shoe polishes are available in a tube with or without an applicator, and come in the form of pastes or creams. The shoe polish is indisputably the most important shoe care product for increasing the useful life of your shoes and boots. They are made up mostly of natural materials, and help you beautify your shoes on a daily basis by preventing them from premature ageing and protecting them against bad weather. The Monsieur Chaussure shoemakers like to compare these products to skin care products available in beauty parlours. All products offered by Monsieur Chaussure have been tested and approved by our shoemakers. This explains why there are no mass-produced brands commonly found at large-scale distributors.


  • Saphir Shoe Polish

    The Saphir shoe polish comes in black, neutral, brown and several dozen more colours available in the deluxe paste, the superfine shoe cream. They also available in a tube. The exceptionally high-quality Saphir shoe creams have been recognised for decades as leading leather shoe care products. This French brand manufactures all of its care products at its factory in the Angouleme region. In 1925, the company was awarded a gold medal (Medaille d’Or) for the quality of its products and has since invested regularly in researching new formulae for making shoes look their best. We recommend that you have a look at the shoe polishing lessons to learn how to make the best use of these products.

  • Famaco Shoe Polish

    The Famaco shoe polishes come in over 100 different colours. This manufacturer has gathered a reputation over the last 30 years for its high-quality, 100% French-made products. The Famaco Company ought to be considered one of the best on the world market for leather goods and accessories care products. The company regularly carries out research and development programmes to come up with the new and improved products. Nowadays, Famaco is a recognised brand and is used by many shoe care professionals. We strongly recommend that you take a look at the shoe polishing lessons from the Monsieur Chaussure shoe experts to learn how to use the Famaco polishes correctly.

  • Monsieur Chaussure...

    The MONSIEUR CHAUSSURE shoe polish range is available in many colours and in solid or cream formats. Monsieur Chaussure has developed its own range of shoe polishes offering high-quality products that meet all your leather-care needs. Monsieur Chaussure leather-care products are the result of French savoir-faire which is always based on research and development. We produce our shoe polishes with passion and precision to bring the ritual of caring for a pair of shoes back to its former glory.

  • Shoe Gloss Polish Paste

    The shoe gloss polish paste is specially formulated for shining and creating a high-gloss shine on your favourite shoes. Its unique formula is perfect for obtaining a mirror shine, known as a “glacage”, in a short space of time. This shoe polish paste is currently recommended by most shoe care professionals for shining and creating a glacage on shoes. The glossing technique, also known as “glacage”, produces an impeccable mirror shine resembling the patent leather finish in order to maximise the shine and bring out the depth of the shoe patina. See the shoe polishing lessons created by Monsieur Chaussure’s shoemakers to learn how to make optimal use of this product.

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