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Saphir Shoe Polish

The Saphir shoe polish comes in black, neutral, brown and several dozen more colours available in the deluxe paste, the superfine shoe cream. They also available in a tube. The exceptionally high-quality Saphir shoe creams have been recognised for decades as leading leather shoe care products. This French brand manufactures all of its care products at its factory in the Angouleme region. In 1925, the company was awarded a gold medal (Medaille d’Or) for the quality of its products and has since invested regularly in researching new formulae for making shoes look their best. We recommend that you have a look at the shoe polishing lessons to learn how to make the best use of these products.


  • Saphir Superfine Cream

    The superfine shoe cream by the Saphir brand nourishes your smooth leather shoes and keeps them in tip top condition. The Saphir shoe cream carries a worldwide reputation as a leading product for nourishing and sustaining the colour of shoes. The wide variety of colours, including black and various shades of brown, makes it possible for you to find just the right colour for your shoes. This cream is sold in a 50ml jar and is an excellent product for increasing the useful life of your favourite shoes. Take a look at the Monsieur Chaussure shoe polishing lessons to learn how to make the best use of this shoe cream.

  • Saphir Deluxe Shoe Polish

    Saphir deluxe shoe polishes available in black, brown, neutral and dozens of other colours. The Saphir brand is reputed across the globe for producing high-quality products. These shoe polishes help you to waterproof any pair of shoes and bring out a brilliant shine at the end of your leather care treatment. For optimal results, use your deluxe shoe polish during as part of an overall leather care treatment after applying a leather cleaner and a shoe cream. Have a look at the Monsieur Chaussure shoe polishing lessons for further information on how to use this leather care product.

  • Saphir Shoe Cream with...

    The Saphir deluxe cream in a tube comes with an applicator to help you quickly apply the cream to your leather shoes. The Saphir deluxe shoe cream is available in a wide variety of colours including black, neutral, navy blue, Bordeaux, brown and many others. This tube contains the same shoe cream as sold in the shoe cream jars. The tube packaging was designed to eliminate the risk of breaking the glass jar. The tube version of the shoe cream also enables you to apply the product with a polishing cloth or a shoe dauber. This leather care product was designed to be easier to carry along with you on your travels.

  • Saphir Deluxe Shoe...

    The Saphir deluxe shoe cream in a tube is available in black, neutral, brown, navy blue and a host of other colours. This shoe cream will renew the colour of your leather shoes and give a brilliant shine after brushing. The Saphir shoe cream contains a beeswax. The tube of shoe cream is almost identical to the shoe cream that includes an applicator. It comes in a plastic tube and is perfect for travelling. As there is no applicator, you will need a polishing cloth or a special brush to apply this cream. See the Monsieur Chaussure shoe polishing lessons to learn how to make the best use of this shoe cream.

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