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Suede Care

Care products for suede and nubuck shoes including renovators, waterproofers, cleaners, the suede eraser and the dry stain remover. Suede is a particular material that requires a particular type of care. Contrary to popular belief, suede shoes are less fragile than smooth leather shoes when exposed to bad weather. It is therefore important to prepare the suede before you put on your shoes, and to maintain it on a regular basis in order to preserve its typically fuzzy surface throughout the useful life of the shoes. In this category, you will find a host of suede shoe care products that are effective in removing stains, cleaning and waterproofing this particular material.


  • Stain Remover

    Stain removers for suede. They get rid of any type of stain without damaging the suede. Suede is a material that gets stained quite easily. The typically fuzzy surface of this material absorbed all liquids and retains grease easily. In this category, we offer a range of products designed to remove stains from your suede shoes. The type of stain will determine which stain remover should be used. Most of these products are designed to be used in combination with specific suede brushes. For optimal results, you should obtain all the necessary suede care products and accessories and follow the shoe polishing lessons related to the removal of stains of suede.

  • Cleaner

    Cleaners for suede shoes. Monsieur Chaussure offers a selection of products specially formulated for cleaning your suede shoes. Suede is a particularly complex material that requires cleaning with solutions that are strong enough to remove a maximum of impurities. However, such solutions must also be delicate enough to avoid prevent the suede from getting damaged. In this category, you will find several types of suede care products such as the Saphir Omnidaim Suede Cleaner and the Woly cleaning sponges. To learn how to clean your suede shoes and boots correctly, have a look at the Monsieur Chaussure shoe polishing lessons relating to suede cleaning.

  • Renovator

    Renovators for suede shoes, in spray of liquid form, according to the level of wear and tear of your shoes. The renovator spray is suitable for slight colour loss while the liquid renovator is designed for shoes that require a more complete colour restoration. The suede renovator carries out several essential functions for the upkeep of suede shoes. On the one hand, they recolour suede that has lost its colour. On the other hand, they waterproof the suede to protect it against the effects of ageing and bad weather. Give your suede shoes a complete care treatment on a regular basis to significantly increase their useful life. The suede renovators exist in a wide variety of colours such as black, neutral and various shades of brown.

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