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Suede Brushes

These brushes are designed for the upkeep of suede and nubuck shoes. They include crepe suede brushes in various sizes and bristle composition and nylon and brass. Suede is a particularly complex material to maintain. It is therefore necessary to use brushes developed and crafted specifically for this material. As for our range of leather brushes, we offer a collection of suede brushes in several styles. Have a look at our suede care lessons, written by the Monsieur Chaussure shoemakers, to learn about the purpose of each of the different brushes. Using a suede brush in the incorrect way could end up altering your suede shoes.


  • Classic

    These specially designed brushes cater to all stages of suede shoe care. They include the crepe suede brushes with or without nylon, the brass brush and the shoe cleaning brush. The brushes can also be used on calfskin and nubuck. This range of brushes was designed with affordability in mind, without compromising our quality standards. The different brushes are therefore mostly made of beechwood, which has been barrel sanded and polished using the dipping method. Have a look at our shoe polishing lessons to familiarise yourself with the various types of brushes so that you can use them correctly.

  • Monsieur Chaussure

    The brushes created by Monsieur Chaussure brand have been specially designed for the upkeep of suede, nubuck and calfskin shoes and boots. Made with the finest French craftsmanship, these brushes have been carefully created for Monsieur Chaussure to fulfil the care requirements of all suede types of leather and to preserve their particular appearance after cleaning. The brushes feature only the finest materials, including varnished beechwood for the handles, and either horsehair or pig hair bristles. A hot-stamped matte black inscription adds a finishing touch to these prestigious tools which are guaranteed to please their owners when it comes to the shoe care ritual.

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