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Leather Brushes

These brushes are designed for the upkeep of leather shoes and boots. They come in many shapes depending on the use: shoe cleaning brushes for removing dust, shoe daubers for applying care products, shoe shine brushes etc. In this section, you will find any type of brush you need for taking care of your leather shoes. Various brands are available to fit your needs and help you fulfil your passion for shoes as you choose the brushes that suit you best. Have a look at our shoe polishing lessons, written by our shoemakers, to learn how to make perfect use of each of the brushes.


  • Monsieur Chaussure Or

    The Monsieur Chaussure Or brushes are made for the upkeep of all leather types, and include large or small genuine horsehair shoe shine brushes, the shoe dauber for applying polishes, the welt brush for precise cleaning and polishing and the shoe cleaning brush for removing dust. In keeping with Monsieur Chaussure’s quality standards, these brushes are made with French craftsmanship and exquisite materials in honour of the fine material that is leather. The beechwood was chosen for its robustness, while the horsehair or pure silk bristles provide strength and flexibility to prevent damage to the leather’s surface. Each of these hand-made brushes features an attractive hot-stamped golden inscription.

  • Saphir

    The brushes made by Saphir were specially designed for the upkeep of leather shoes: shoe shine brushes in pure horsehair, black or white-bristled shoe daubers, the welt brush and shoe cleaning brush. Contrary to the classic brushes, these are made by the famous leather care products and accessories brand, Saphir. The density of their horsehair bristles is slightly superior to that of the classic brushes and the Saphir logo is hot stamped on each wooden brush handle. Despite these differences, the wood is still barrel-sanded and is polished by the dipping method.

  • Classic

    These brushes have been designed to carry out every stage of leather care: large and small shoe shine brushes, shoe daubers, polishing glove and shoe cleaning brushes. They brushes are made to be economical as most are made of beechwood with a dipped polish finish. The sanding process of the wood is done in a barrel sander without any manual operation. The horsehair or boar’s hair have been chosen to ensure minimal loss of the brush bristles during use. Although these brushes have specially designed with affordability in mind, they uphold the same quality standards as all other Monsieur Chaussure products.

  • Deluxe

    These brushes are made of bubinga wood and horsehair for the upkeep of leather shoes: large and small shoe shine brushes, the shoe dauber and welt brush. This brush collection is made exclusively of fine materials. African bubinga is the main wood used. This rare wood features a beautiful varying red to red brown colour and purple veining. The Deluxe collection brushes are crafted using procedures that guarantee a better finish, such as manual sanding and airbrush polishing. These procedures make the brushes even more pleasant to the touch.